Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of India's most popular dessert.Its everyone's favourite.These rich balls are deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup .It can be enjoyed warm and cold taste good either ways.You will always find these in Indian weddings ,and festive occasion.There are many brands which sell instant gulab jamun mix but I prefer doing it at home these Can be made easily at home.
I don't need a reason to make something sweet whenever I crave for I surely make something at home...Do try them and you are sure going to love it.
Khoya/mava 200 gms
Milk powder 50 gms
Maida /all purpose flour 75-100 gms
Milk 2-3 tbsp
Baking soda 2 pinches
Sugar 250-300 gms
Saffron few strands
Cardamon powder 1/4 tsp
Ghee/dalda  to deep fry

Method :

If using store brought mava make sure its at room temperature before using.

Knead mava,maida milk powder and milk together to form  a smooth dough .

Grease hands with ghee and form balls out of it and cover with a cloth and let it rest for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup by placing the sugar and  3 cups water in a vessel on the gas add a tsp of milk this will help the scum to separate then remove the scum.

Let it come to a nice boil put the saffron and cardamon powder.

Heat ghee in a kadhai and once the ghee is hot fry the gulab jamuns over low heat till they are light golden brown .

Once all the balls are fried immerse them into the syrup while it is sill warm and serve warm or cold.

If you want to skip the milk powder you could do so and just add a tbsp maida more instead of the milk powder
You can also use half oil and half ghee for frying but frying in ghee gives the gulab jamun traditional rich taste.
Fry the gulab jamuns over  medium heat as high flame will make the balls dark brown and hard from out whereas the inside will still remain uncooked.

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  1. Wow!! so yummy......drooling here

  2. yumm yumm yummmmmy

  3. yumm yumm yummy

  4. lovely gulab jamuns.........mouth watering...

  5. woow.......soooooooooo delicious..yummy

  6. my my..they look so tempting

  7. If I make half the recipe how much maida do I use....will milk powder add extra taste....I have tried
    Or of recipes but not satisfied because the ball always crack once put in oil...though I make smooth balls of it and low

    1. you could skip the milkpowder if you wish,it gives nice taste though,if skipping add 1 tbsp extra maida..if you half the recipe use around 50 gm maida...knead the dough well if the dough seems hard mix few spoons of milk and knead to get soft dough.

  8. Kneading the dough too much will not make the balls hard...

    1. kneading wont make it hard..add few drops of milk and knead again if you feel its hard

  9. Hi Gloria I have to fry all the balls first and then put the full in the syrup...or batch wise after frying put them in the syrup