Poori/Puri/Puff Fried Indian Flatbread

A deep fried Indian flat bread .Its eaten for breakfast  or with any meal .It goes well with  desserts like shrikhand ,Aam ras or Halwa too..Chole poori is another wonderful combo.Poori/Puri is made from wheat flour the dough is slightly firmer than that of the chapatti dough its then rolled into small round puris and deep fried.
Its simple and easy to prepare and it needs just 3 ingredients flour,water salt and oil of course to deep fry..Had made this for dinner yesterday so thought of posting it today I will post the Aloo Bhaji/Potato stir fry recipe tomorrow.

2 cups whole wheat flour(atta)
 water /as needed
1tsp oil
salt 1/4 tsp as needed

Sieve the flour and salt.
Add  water oil and knead to a smooth pliable dough the dough has to be stiffer than the chapatti dough.
Divide the dough into small balls and roll it into small circles.
Or you could roll the ball into a chapatti and cut it out with a cookie cutter I use steel glass to cut the puris.
Heat oil to deep fry in a kadhai.
Once the hot is sufficiently hot deep fry the pooris over medium flame.
When the pooris puff up  turn them over and remove with slotted spoon.
Place it on kitchen towel to drain the excess oil
Serve hot with potatoes bhaji/chole/shrikhand or you could even relish it with any dry mutton /chicken dish

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  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe , I hope to try out one day!

  2. my fav..I love to have this with shrikhand

  3. nice and puffed up puri...I love puri bhaji

  4. such a beautiful poorrii.. bookmarking and tell you how it was.. i know it will be nom nom inshallah :D