Stuffed Fried Pomfret ..East Indian Style.

Its been long since We had some pomfrets I was craving for some stuffed fried pomfret &I was lucky enough to get fresh pomfrets when i visited the market when I saw them Igrinned happily & thought to myself today I'm gonna feast on some yummy stuffed pomfrets. There are three different ways we stuff pomfret one is with with green chutney masala ,one is vindaloo masala & one is this .Personally I love this one more than the other two .
The roasted masala is stuffed in pomfrets which is marinated with few spices first & then pan fried ,You can even wrap them in banana leaves & pan fry .Enjoy it hot with some rotis/handbreads/chappati or  some hot rice & curry as side dish .I enjoyed it with green prawn curry & appam.

to marinate
2 big pomfrets
1.5 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 tsp fish masala/kashmiri red chilli powder 
salt to taste
1/2 tsp lime juice/to taste

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

for the coating
1 tbsp fine rava/semolina/sooji
1 tbsp rice flour
oil to shallow fry
thread to tie the stuffed fish 

for the stuffing 
1 cup grated dry coconut/khobra (not the dessicated coconut/powder)
3 med onions chopped fine
5-6 green chillies chopped
1.5 inch ginger minced
7-8  garlic minced
1 tsp garam masala powder
1 tsp lime juice
1 tbsp coriander leaves chopped
salt to taste
1.5 tsp oil

Clean the pomfrets,make some slits to stuff &also for the marination  .Wash it clean from inside & out
 rub some salt & lime inside as well as out.

Mix together with ginger-garlic paste,red chilli powder ,turmeric powder and apply to the fish from out fill it in the slits too except the slit to stuff & set aside .

Meanwhile prepare the filling.

In  a pan dry roast dry coconut on low flame till fragrant & light brown ,be very careful while roasting or you'll end up burning the coconut which will spoil the taste making it bitter.

Then add oil & chopped ginger garlic & green chillies &saute for 4- 5min. 
Then put the onions & fry on medium flame till they turn light brown .

Mix the garam masala powder & mix the lime juice & salt.

Switch off the flame & add chopped coriander leaves.

 Let it cool for sometime .

Then fill the stuffing in the pomfrets & tie with the thread.

Coat the pomfret with rava & rice flour.

Heat oil in the non stick pan & shallow fry on both sides over medium flame.

Serve hot with handbreads/appam/pola/as side dish with curry & rice.

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  1. mom used to make this one, looks yum

  2. Hi Gloria,
    I'm not sure if we have Pomfrets here in the states. I do know we don't have any where I love because I don't live by the ocean anymore:( Those fish look something like Angel fish. I wonder if they are related.

    Doesn't matter though because I can tell this meal is all about that amazing stuffing! And look how crisp and yummy that fish looks. Oh how I wish I could have a taste. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe and tips, Gloria, enjoy some for me:)

  3. Oh god I am drooling favorite..wonderful preparation Gloria..
    Book marked...

  4. Always seafoods are my favorites

  5. I miss pomfret fish here, love to finish that plate rite now.

  6. My other half loves pompref and it seem whenever I cook fish, he is looking forward to none other. Lovely spicy fish and yes, the next round this dish is gonna be our meal with rice.

  7. looks too yummy mouth is watering here..i miss eating pomfrets here

  8. My favourite fish ..I love stuffed pomfret.yours look mouthwatering.


  9. I just love stuffed pomfret .You making my mouthwater..I will try this tomorrow & comment back.

  10. I'll have to make this one. Dying to have a stuffed pomfret now!:)

  11. Fried Fish! Definitely one of my favorite Indian dishes. And fried pomfret! Reminds me of Kerala :) This recipe sounds delicious.