Pumpkin Erissery ....Guest post by a reader Mrs. Jeyasri Menon.

Blogging world have introduced to many good people I have been telling this since long now ..Feels good when we get positive feedback from the work we do ..I try my best to share as much as i can and feel really great when the work is appreciated. There are many readers and fb fans who often visit and do try the recipes some keep mum while some share the pics on fb giving the blog due credit..What more can a blogger ask for..
In this little blog of mine I feel really happy to see recipes from other blooger guest and more from our dear readers .Few days back if you remember My dear reader Kohilavani who is more than a friend to me shared her lovely recipe of kesari in my blog and today a very sweet and gentle reader  whom I really respect is here to share with us a very tempting dish which is one of the essential dish served during  Onam Sadya.Jayasri Aunty is a very sweet lady who keeps trying many recipes and shares on her fb wall too..She was kind enough to share this authentic recipe which is so delicious.Thank you so much Aunty.

1) 300 g pumpkin cut into small pieces
2) handful of red beans
3) coconut scrape 1 cup ( half for blending the other half for dry frying)
 4) jeera 1 tsp
 5) green chilli 2
6) mustard seed and dry red chilli for tempering
 7) oil (you can use ghee) as needed

1. Cut pumpkin into pieces, add turmeric,salt and curry leaves and cook till pumpkin is soft.
 2. Pressure cook red beans and keep aside
. 3. Blend coconut, green chilli and jeera till smooth.
 4. When pumpkin is cooked add 2 and 3 and mix well. Mash the pumpkin lightly.
5. In a saucepan add a little oil and temper mustard seeds and dry red chilli and curry leaves. Add this to the curry.
 6. Dry fry some coconut and mix with the curry. 
7. Serve with white rice
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  1. Such a delicious Guest post sis... Looks yum!!

  2. Sounds flavorful! Nice recipe!

  3. Delicious....... Looks yumm!!

  4. Nice post...

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  5. wow great work gals.. lovely rice recipe dear :)

  6. She is definitely one of the most amazing fb friends and seeing her dish on your space is awesome. Never made such a dish but its sure good and of course, I can't say no to pumpkins.

  7. Erissery is my favourite and this pumpkin erissery is just inviting me, drooling here.