Favorite Recipes Event:Daily Recipes

It was my Pleasure to host Swathi's Favorite Recipes Event: Daily Recipes for the month of September.I'm really grateful to Swathi for giving me a chance to host this event.There was a total of  64 yummy daily recipes.
I would like to thank all those who participated and made this event a success..Thank you so much for your support Haffa, Linsy,Monu,Mayuri Subha and Ree.

1.Rice firni
2.Aalo ka Paratha
3.Medu Vadai
4. Muskmelon Milkshake
5.Masala Dosa
6.Fruit Custard Trifle
7.Gajar Ki Kheer
8.Sooji Ka Halwa
9.Sweet Paratha
10.Lemon Soda
11.Chilli Mustard Pasta
12.Spicy Meatballs with Egg
13.Chicken Tikka Pizza
14.Potato Chicken Cutlet
15.Chicken Manchurian
16. Kheema Piyaz
17.Sausage Salad Pasta.
18Creamy Almond Chicken
19 .Chapli Kabab
20.Chicken Stuffed Buns
21.Chicken Steak Fried
22.Chicken Shashlik with Sauce
23.Spicy T andoori Chicken
24.Chicken Jalfrezi
25.Chicken cheese balls
26.Plain Cake
27.Mocha Chocolate Muffins
28.Zebra Cake
29.Chicken Bread
30.Chocolate Fudge Cake
31.Tetra Layer Cake
32.Basic cookies
33.Chocolate Banana Cake
34.Chocolate coffee cake
35.Marble Mini Cupcakes
36.Coffee Chocolate Cake
37.Orange Chocolate Marble Cake
38.Mango Chocolate Cake
39.Strawberry Chocolate  Cake
40.Vanilla Cake
41.Chekerboard Cake
43.Rasberry Cake
44.Leftover roti in spiced buttermilk
45.Strawberry Banana Juice
46.Homemade  Dairy free Chocolate
47.Chilli cheese sandwich
48.Mughlai Chicken
49.Paneer Gulkand kheer and kulfi
50.Unfried Ravioli
51.Instant Chocolate Pie
52. Dairy free Jalepeno Savoury buns
53.Methi Namakpara
54.Peanut butter parfait
55.Whole Wheat Spinach Ravioli
56.Mooli Paratha
57.Achari Paneer BBq
58.Chocolate Sandesh
59.Carrot Handvo Puda
60.Dry Tindora Sabji
61.Mini Taco Salad Cups
62.Eggplant Pizza
63.Apple Dessert Pizza
64.Sabudana Vada non fried

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