Prawn Pickle ..East Indian Style with Stepwise Pics.

Hot and feiry delicious prawn pickle .This is a hot favourite among every East Indians.Vinegar and Red chillies are ground together which gives this pickle the deep red color and the taste..This stays well for months together if stored well.Have it with simple dal and rice or as a side dish..

for Marinating the prawns 
70-80   medium sized Prawns cleaned and deveined
salt to taste.

 grind to paste:
100 gms Kashmiri Chillies
20 garlic cloves
2 tbsp cumin seeds 
1 inch ginger
1 tsp turmeric 
1 -1 1/4cup Vinegar

10 green chillies slitted.
10 garlic cloves cut into julienne 
1 .5 inch ginger cut into julienne
3-4 springs curry leaves.
1.5 cups oil

Wash the cleaned prawns and drain all the water.Marinate with salt  and keep aside for 15 minutes

Grind everything under grind to paste along with the 1 cup vinegar and little water to make a fine smooth paste
      Fry the prawns in  oil for about 10  minutes and keep aside .

   In a vessel heat the remaining oil then add curry leaves.

                         Then add the ginger and garlic and fry well on medium heat.

                        Now add the slit chillies and fry well  for 5-7 minutes.
  Then add the Masala paste and mix well.


     Now add the fried prawns mix everything well and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes .

                     Let it cool completely before storing.

  • Oil is the base for the pickle that's the reason the amount of  oil used is more.
  • The amount of vinegar mentioned depends upon how sour the vinegar is ,if you feel your vinegar is very sour reduce the amount to 3/4 -1 cup.Vinegar again acts as a preservative so it cannot be avoided or substituted with.
  • Medium size prawns or small prawns would work fine.If you get large prawns cut them into 2 before using.
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