Jawla Vanga/Dried baby shrimps with Brinjal

Jawla /Dried baby shrimps with Brinjal is one of my fav dry fish dish I love to have this with Polas/Rotis /Rice Bhari/Handbreads.This is one of East indians fav dish specially during the Rainy Season We stock up dry fish for the Monsoon. This is very easy dish and taste very yummy.
1/2 cup dried jawla/baby shrimps
1 onion sliced fine
4-5 spring onions chopped (green and the onion)
4-5 green chillies
6-7 garlic chopped fine
1 inch ginger chopped
3-4 baby brinjals chopped
 1tsp heaped malwani masala/bottle masala/fish masala
1 tsp tamarind pulp/5-6 kokam

Wash the jawla/dried shrimps and Soak in hot water for 10 -15 min. This step is very imp do not use the dry fish directly it needs to be soaked in hot water first.
Slice the brinajls and keep it in water to avoid darkening.
In a vessel  heat oil add chopped onions and ginger garlic and saute for 5- min
Add the  chopped spring onions and saute for 2-3 min
Now add the masala and the soaked shrimps/jawla and chopped brinjal
Mix all well  add very little water then cover with lid and cook over medium flame.
Lastly add tamarind pulp and cook for few more mins.
Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with polas/rice rot/bhakri.

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  1. wow gloriaa so many posts in a day.. this curry is looking so good

  2. I haven't tasted this unique combination,looks simply yummm.

  3. Hi looks delicious..what is the white thing you served it with like dosa

    1. thanks...its pola a crepe made from basically made with rice flour water and salt..but i have also added wholewheat flour to it

  4. I love anything with brinjals. Delicious.

  5. Hello am gonna try this dish to day but how to make that pola ...I just have to mix everything and make it like dosa or chapati

    1. ya mix rice flour only with water and add little salt the batter should be thin and pouring consistency....here i have mixed rice flour and added little wheat flour too...batter should be thinner than dosa batter