Mutton Soup

Monsoon has made its entry here in Mumbai and past 2 days its been poring heavily continuously .So far its raining almost everyday and the weather is getting pleasant but along with the rains health problems also have started common cold, flu is become viral these days and we all are having a tough time..Right from childhood when we fell sick Mom used to make a garam masala soup and few noodles/alphabet macaroni or make us a chicken soup or mutton soup...And I used to enjoy it to the core .Yesterday as it was raining very heavy I felt like having soup .I made this  mutton soup and we all relished it ..
Its a simple soup but very tasty .I normally don't add onions but then I had one onion cut into half and didn't want to waste it so added that too..
We all enjoyed the soup and felt much better as we had is the simple recipe for my fav mutton soup..

250 gms mutton (preferably with bone i used chops and marrow bone)
1/2 onion roughly chopped
1 tomato chopped rough
1 inch ginger crushed
8-9  black pepper crushed
3 big cloves garlic crushed
1/4 tsp haldi/turmeric powder


  • Beat the chop with a steak hammer and wash it well.
  • In the cooker add mutton, pepper ,salt ,tomato  ,haldi ,onion ,ginger garlic and water and cover the pressure cooker with the lid.
  • Let it cook for 2-3 whistles then reduce the flame and simmer  for 5 min more
  • Release the pressure and open the lid
  • Serve hot with bread/ steamed rice or have it as it is.
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  1. good for cold weather.take care dear

  2. Super energy booster..... love it :)

  3. lovely soup for this rainy season

  4. Yesss!!! I love such a soup. What more with mutton. Yum.

  5. Lovely soup dear! Yes we enjoy the rain but hate the cold and flu!

  6. mom just add salt while boiling mutton and we used to drink that as soup. reminding me old days

  7. Just right for the season. It's raining here too...tempted to make this!

  8. Perfect for the weather here...Please pass me some...Loving it:)

  9. wow..tempting one,so delicious :)

  10. your mutton soup looks so healthy and yummy