Fruit Custard

I just can't believe its 2 years since I started this little blog.. It has been a roller coaster ride indeed there were  days when I thought of quitting blogging but somehow manged to go on..I must admit I feel lazy and loose interest in blogging when i don't post anything fro long i have decided from now to  be persistent in blogging by posting atleast thrice in a week ..let see how it goes with gods grace..
I would like to thank all my blogger Friends and readers with their support i have reached so far..special thanks to all who comment and boost my morale by their support...
Thanks a lot for showering your love by commenting and trying the recipes..continue to shower your love and blessings in the blogging journey ahead.
Coming back to today's post here's a delicious dessert a  Fruit Custard which is enjoyed by both adults and kids.This is a simple and easy to make Fruit custard using custard powder and milk .You can add whichever fruits you wish to.Serve it chilled and I'm sure you will love it.

2 1/2 cup/500 ml/half litre milk
5-6 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp vanilla custard powder
2- 3 tbsp milk
2 -2 1/2 cup mixed fruits

Chop fruits and keep aside I used apple,chickoo,grapes strawberry and banana.

Bring milk to boil .

In a small bowl mix 2-3 tbsp milk with 2 tbsp custard powder to a smooth paste.

Add the sugar and Custard powder to the boiled milk stirring all the time .

The milk will begin to thicken ,switch the gas off once custard is thick.

Let the Custard cool completely.

Take mixed fruits in a serving bowl ,add nuts if you want ,pour the cooled Custard over.

Serve Chilled.

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  1. My all time favourite....simple but yummy!!

  2. Feeling nostalgic.... really love this...please pass me that bowl... :)

  3. Hi Gloria,
    Nice summer refreshing fruit custard, congrats on completing two years of blogging.

  4. The feeling is mutual Gloria. Sometimes I don't feel like posting anything. Congrats for hitting the 2 year mark. Lovely fruity custard. Simply nice to end a meal.

  5. keep on going ...many more years to come...lovely fruit custard to celebrate the occasion

  6. yumm.. Congrats dear.. Wish you many more successful years ahead..

  7. wow looks wonderful dear.keep going

  8. Congrats dear on the two year mark... I guess we all go through this... once the initial interest fizzles, then we are left wondering how we need to to go with it... I have not shown it much on the blog but I am in fact struggling to keep myself up to continue my blogging... hehe... and the vacations are not going to help much... :) Hope to see your delightful posts...

  9. Nice and easy dessert! Great that you are with us already 2 years!

  10. lovely fruit custard..Happy anniversary :)

  11. simple but all time favourite...custard and fruits. Made that just a week ago :)

  12. Congrats.. It's difficult to be consistent, at some point we do lose interest. Fruit custard looks yum..

  13. Lovely! I come back to this as it doesn't take any effort. Congratulations on completing two years of on!

  14. such a lovely fruit custard :) pass me some gloria

  15. rekindled the old memories,looks yummmy!!

  16. Looks so refreshing and yummm !!