Piyush /Piyush Recipe

Piyush is  a nectarous drink made with shrikhand and buttermilk .Its a very popular drink in Maharashtra and Gujarat.I have always been a huge fan of this delicious drink. This drink though popular is rarely found in restaurants there are few Maharashtrians hotel which serve this.I craved for this yesterday .I had a fair idea that this was made from shrikhand and butter milk and nutmeg was the key ingredient now the urge was so intense that i couldn't wait for making shrikhand from scratch  so I made this with store brought shrikhand

The recipe is very simple this can be made in 10 mins so perfect for the instant cravings..I have seen people using hung curds too but i prefer the taste of shrikhand and butter milk so i do not add sugar.

200 gms Shrikhand (i used kesar )
1 1/2 cup thick curd/dahi
1/4 cup water /milk
1/2 tsp nutmeg
saffron dissolved in milk
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
almond/pistachios for garnish
  • In a bowl mix together Shrikhand ,Curds and milk
  • Add saffron ,nutmeg and cardamom powder
  • Whisk together till smooth
  • Add sugar if needed and mix well ..I did not add as i found it was just perfectly sweet
  • garnish with chopped pistachio and almonds.
  • Pour into individual glasses and serve chilled

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  1. Yummy Gloria and so simple too. From next time onwards whenever I have a sweet craving I will make this. I too love shrikhand and Piyush takes it to another level. Very nice dear.

  2. wow...this is new to me and similar to lassi but more tasty i believe

  3. This is awesome dear. Something new for me to try. I can finish off the glass in no time :)

  4. Such a quick and delicious dessert.Never heard about it before.

  5. Lovely. Simple to make but the perfect dessert after a filling meal.

  6. i have never tried it but looks creamy and delicious! :D

  7. it looks creamy and delish....loved it...Drooling here

  8. looks mouthwatering,unique name too..yummy!

  9. Loved this quick and delicious looking desert.

  10. Having sweet tooth I always look for a easy dessert abdtis s perfect for me.looks yum

  11. This is something new to me... I love yogurt based desserts... must try this soon...

  12. Such a wonderful drink! Dying to try it out now...