Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake Recipe/Japanese cheesecake/Japanese Cottoncake recipe.

Few years back there was a very famous bakery Bread talk  in a mall nearby ..It was our favourite hangout We loved the cotton light cheesecakes and the sausage bun was my favourite..It was a ritual to get a pack of this wonderful cottonsoft cheesecake every week..though it was expensive we used to love it to the core..Don't know why it was shut down and I was sad because we could no longer get the yummy cottonlight/ was those days when i baked only semolina /coconut and chocolate cakes i had never tried cheesecakes this was way back in 2008 ..
Few years back i simply googled for bread talk and this cotton cheesecake recipe and was very happy to see them in most of the Asian blogs...Since then I have been trying this and was happy to get the exact taste...P.S my two attempts were a big flop ..the first time i tried i had not whipped egg whites well and the second time I had overmixed the batter which caused to deflate.

After that there i never failed i followed this recipe to the T and got wonderful cotton soft cheesecake..Now this has been a family favourite and is baked alteast  twice a month
You do give it a try ..i have tried to include all the tips and tricks and also made it simpler with the stepwise pics try and let me know how it turned out..
I will be posting another version of this cake very soon so do stay tuned.
japanese cheesecake recipe

50 ml milk
125 gm cream cheese
25 gms butter
30 gms all purpose flour
10 gms cornflour
70 gms powdered sugar
3 egg white
3 yolks
1 tsp vanilla
1/8 tsp cream of tartar/1 tsp lime juice
japanese cottonsoft cheesecake recipe.

Melt butter ,cream cheese ,milk over double boiler and let it cool
Beat egg whites with cream of tartar /1 tsp lemon juice till glossy the peak should be stiff

Beat eggs sugar and vanilla till thick.
Then in 3-4 additions mix in egg whites.
Mix in the flour and cornflour in the cream cheese mixture in 2 -3 additions.

Mix the egg mixture in the cream cheese mixture
Pour in 6/7 inch pan lined with parchment ,oiled and dusted.
Place the cake pan in a tray covered with hot water,the water level should be just below half the level of the cake pan..
You can use a wide rectangular baking tray like i did for the water bath .

Bake 40-50 min 160 degree Celsius.
Turn off the oven and keep the door ajar for 15 minutes.
Remove the cake pan from the oven .
Allow it to cool completely.
I have dusted some icing sugar using stencil.

I have used Philadelphia cream cheese you can try using homemade cheese but using Kraft(cheese spread) or puck cream cheese is a big No.
I have baked it in a water bath hence the cake was soft from the bottom,you can also keep 4 bowls filled with water in a tray below the baking tray on which the cake pan is kept.
You need to beat the egg whites really well because that is what will give the cake the cotton soft texture or else the cake won't rise as we don't use any rising agents here.
I always use salted butter for my bakes so i skip adding salt If you use unsalted butter add 1/4 tsp salt along with the flour.
If using a springform/loose bottom pan make sure you wrap aluminium foil so that the water rom water bath doesn't seep in.
It may take 40-60 minutes to bake depending on the oven temperature..every oven is different. 

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