Murg /Chicken malai Tikka Recipe/Murg Malai Kabab Recipe

Melt in mouth delicious malai chicken tikka or murgh malai kebab are one of my favourite They are just super yummy and these taste better than the restaurant ones..
These are nothing but boneless chicken marinated  with cream cheese and mild spices ..this is milder than the other kababs..Have tried it many times and we love it try it out will love it too

chicken malai tikka,malai chicken tikka recipe

1/2 kg Boneless Chicken pieces
 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
2 green chillies chopped fine
 1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves (optional)
1 tsp black pepper powder
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
1 tbsp cornflour
2 tbsp fresh cream
2 tbsp cheddar cheese
1 tbsp thick curd/yogurt
1 tbsp oil

Wash the chicken pieces and let the excess water drain completely
Apply salt,pepper and ginger garlic paste and keep aside for 20 minutes.
Meanwhile mix together thick curds,cream cheese cream ,cardamom powder finely chopped chilli and coriander leaves  ,cornflour and keep aside for an hour in the fridge
Once ready to cook remove the marinated chicken for at least 10 minutes before you start cooking.
Place the marinated chicken in the skewers and grill in hot grill pan/non stick pan till done.
If using oven cook at 200 degree for 10 minutes  on both sides till brown .
Serve with lemon wedges and onion rings..

murgh malai kebab /chicken malai kabab ,how to make chicken malai tikka

You can add meat tenderizer/papaya paste in the first marinade,I have never used it as i marinate it well ahead so that the meat is cooked succulent and really well.
If you love to make it extra rich you can also add 2 tbsp mava/khoya to the second marinade.
Always cook on medium flame as it has cheese it turns brown fast.
Use salt sparingly since cheese is salty too.
Soak the wooden skewers in water for an hour before you use it

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  1. I always wonder why I never make tikkas at home... just look at them, so delicious...

  2. What is cheedar cheese..please it paneer??

    1. no dear..its a kind of salted cheese..kraft cheese i have used can use amul too

  3. wow gloria this is my all time fav kebabs..

  4. Oh so yum for the burst of flavours. Love the addition of yoghurt.

  5. Hi Gloria trying this can I add amul cheese spread that is processed cheese...and you didnot mention how much corn flour to add

    1. Hi..sorry i forgot to mention its 1 tbsp cornflour .you can try adding spread but then it iwll be little on liquid side so you will have to add more cornflour ..or you can simply skip adding cheese too

  6. And one more thing you have written 2 Tspn and forgot to mention the above recipe....and in that case can I add cheese cube grated

  7. Hi Gloria, tried this recipe. Came out amazingly good. Better then restaurant bought ,were the compliments that I received. So simple to make. Thanks.