Forminhas/Goan Forminhas /Goan Canapés

Forminhas are bite sized  hors d'oeuvre very commonly  served at  Catholic/Goan weddings and parties ..Forminhas are savoury canapes usually  filled with russian salad either with boiled chicken  cubes or boiled prawns / tuna mayo filling .They taste absolutely delish and are very addictive..I must say .

Forminhas are always a huge hit among kids and adults ..Forminhas make an absolute crowd pleaser and are always huge hit at parties .Making canapes at home is very easy you just need a shortcut pastry dough to make them I will share the recipe in my next tuna canapes/forminhas post .Canapes are easily available you can use the readymade ones for a quick and delicious treat .
goan forminhas recipe

1 carrot 
1 big or 2 medium potatoes
1 apple
1/2 cup green peas shelled
1/2 cup pineapple chunks
3/4 to 1 cup mayonnaise ( i used homemade recipe here )
salt and pepper to taste 

goan forminhas

Boil Potato carrot and green peas .
Cut potato into cubes and carrot into dices.
Cut the apple and pineapple into small cubes .
Mix the vegetables and apple ,pineapple with mayo 
Add salt and pepper according to taste.
You can refrigerate this filling and serve in Forminhas/Canapes when needed.
Do not fill the forminhas/Canapes in advance,it will turn soggy .

how to make goan forminhas

goan canapes

You can add boiled  chicken cubes ,seasoned with pepper .
Boiled Prawns can also be added.
You can add boiled  sweet corn kernels as well.

forminhas with russian salad ,goan canape ,goan forminhas canape

easy goan forminhas recipe,goan canapes,baskets

canape with russian salad ,veg forminhas,veg canapes

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