Ghaboli Fry/Fish Roe Fry/Fish Egg Fry

Ghaboli fry has always been my favourite since childhood. I use to wait for the rains to come because i knew we get this particular fish and the fish roe during Rainy season..We always have this during rains as long as it is available in the market even though the price is too high.There are many fish whose eggs taste good but i love this particular Fish Roe..Even though the fish has lots of thorns its very tasty..Yes you guessed it right its Pala Fish ..
There were guest at my place and they are ardent fan of fish so i decided to prepare this.And they all relished it. My friend Natasha love this dish a lot and she asked me for the recipe.So this post is dedicated to you Natasha...Here Goes the Recipe.

2 ghabolis/fish roe/fish egg
1/2 lime
6 to 7 green chillies
2 cups Corainder leaves
1 .5 inch ginger
8 to 10 garlic cloves
1/2 tsp turmeric
1 tsp vinegar
Oil to shallow fry
Salt to taste

Wash the ghaboli well be careful as it may break wash it gently but clean.
Boil adding 1/2 cup water,turmeric,vinegar and salt to taste on a medium heat till all water evaporates.
Grind Ginger,garlic,chillies,coriander to a smooth should  be thick  and not watery as we need to coat the boiled ghabolis.
Coat the ghaboli with the paste and cut to medium pieces and shallow fry.
Serve and Enjoy the Ghabolis...........

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  1. Hey dear thanks a tonn for the is looks comming soooon to eat...

  2. my favourite too....thank u for posting on the right time..yummy

  3. We normaly fry this with red chili powder ...greem masala will make it taste more good im sure.

  4. ghabolis my favourite...yummy...

  5. fish roe i love it ..i feel like grabbing this rite now

  6. this looks so so tempting.....can i try it with any other fish egg if this is not available

  7. i love fish n fish

  8. I love dis one n m waiting for mom to get d gaabolies

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  10. my fav too...i loved it

  11. Nice recipe.. i am going to try this today..