Crab Curry...East Indian Style

Crabs are favourite amongst many. Crabs have always been my favourite..I go crazy when Crab is been cooked at home .Crabs can be cooked in many style  the crab meat is soft and delicious  .It can be  used in fried rice/noodles/soup /crab cakes/salad..oohh! the list is endless.There are different styles of cooking crab in every home.My mother makes awesome crab curry by stuffing the crabs with some awesome masala...I will post that too someday but amongst  all this crab curry is my favourite.its making my mouth water while i write this...The spices and roasted masala gives a unique flavour to this curry...


to dry roast and grind
70 gms dry coconut scraped/coconut powder.
2 onions sliced
6-7 dry kashmiri chillies
2-3 green chillies
2 tbsp dhaniya /coriander seeds1 tsp cumin seeds/jeera
4-5 cloves
1 inch Cinnamon broken to pieces
4-5 black pepper
1 tsp poppy seeds/khus khus
1tbsp sesame seeds
1tsp tamarind

for the gravy
6-8 crabs cleaned and washed well
1 tsp bottle masala/ fish masala
salt to taste
2 tbsp oil.

Clean the crabs well .don't throw away the small legs/fangs wash them and grind to paste adding water.
then pass through a seive and use the pulp or the juices that is strained.we need the juice only you can the discard the  crushed legs now.You could skip this step but it brings in extra flavour.

Dry roast coconut and all the masala  till nice and fragrant. the coconut has to turn brown and kashmiri chillies crisp.let it cool then grind together adding little water to a smooth fine paste.

In a vessel add the oil fry the masala add water ,the juice extracted from the legs and the crabs add salt and bring it to a boil  don't cover the lid will take about 10 -15 minutes the crabs will turn orange.

Check for salt add the tamarind pulp and simmer for 5 -7minutes.

serve hot and relish the crabs with rice/bread..I love to have this with Handbreads..

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