Coconut Pancakes

Pancakes are traditionally made by catholics on Shrove Tuesday  a day before ash Wednesday which is the first day of lent.Here in India we make Coconut pancakes .But we don't wait only for Pancake Tuesday to have them  we have it any time we want .These Pancakes are popular in East Indian homes the Goans use jaggery in their pancake.

The filling is made out Coconut and sugar and adding some dry fruits but that's optional.The covering is made out of Flour eggs and water and then poured by ladle on a frying pan .Adding colour is optional if you want you can also add colour to the batter and keep the filling simple or vice versa.

For the Pancake Batter
250 gms Flour/Maida
1 egg
a pinch of salt
Water as needed
oil to coat the pan

For the filling
1 Coconut  freshly grated
1/2 cup  +  Sugar (you can add less or more)
1 tsp cardamon powder
handful of raisins
10 -15 Cashew
7-8 Almonds
1 tsp ghee
Few drops of food colour.


Mix the sifted  flour ,salt ,egg and Whisk into a thin batter adding water as needed.The batter should be thin but pouring consistency.

Heat the frying pan  Preferably non stick. Coat it with little oil .

Pour a ladle full of batter roll  the pan for the batter to spread on the pan .

On Medium flame cook the pancakes  it may take a minute or two once it leaves the sides it ready then remove it out.

Prepare the filling ..Add ghee to the vessel then add the coconut and sugar and the remaining ingredients mix well till the sugar melts add the colour and remove from flame and keep aside.

Assemble the pancake by filling in the coconut mixture and rolling the pancakes like spring rolls tucking their ends inside.

Serve it right away or enjoy  later .

Sending this to'' Celebration of Freedom'' at Pak-Ind Independence event by RecipePassion 
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