Nevri/Nevries /Neouries /Sweet puffs.............Christmas Sweets.

Nevries /Neouries are traditional sweets made for Christmas .They are nothing but sweet puffs with coconut and semolina filling with some dry fruits. Very similar to karanji.

They can also be made with fresh coconut and jaggery filling but you cant store them for longer time.
This is a must to do sweet during Christmas without which the plate looks incomplete.

for the filling

250 gms semolina (rava)
150 gms castor sugar
2 tbsp. ghee
50 gms raisins
50 gms cashew nuts
2 tbsp chironji/charoli
1/4 cup poppy seeds (khuskhus) optional
1/2 tsp. cardamom (elaichi) powder
salt a tiny pinch

Roast the chopped cashew nuts, poppy seeds and raisins  in a little ghee and keep them aside.

Then heat 2 tbsp. ghee in a frying pan and roast the semolina and the sugar in it till golden brown till nice aroma comes.

Add in the roasted cashew nuts, poppy seeds and raisins as well as the cardamom powder .

Keep the filling to ready .you could even make the filling a day ahead and refrigerate .

for the Dough
500 gms flour (maida)
3 tbsp. ghee
milk (sufficient to make dough)
colour (optional)
3tbsp cornflour+ 2tbsp dalda mix and keep aside
ghee +oil to deep fry

Knead the flour, ghee and milk together into dough.
Now or Roll out the dough into a sheet or chapatti and  spread some dalda +cornflour mixture then roll and slice into strips.

Then make a small ball out of  each strip into a  and roll each one out into small circles.
Flatten the small circles with rolling pin and place into special nevries moulds if using .

Or simply  fill the stuffing. Put in enough of the filling but not fill too much seal the edges with cornflour and dalda mixture .
 Then  deep-fry in hot oil or ghee or half ghee and half oil the nevries on a medium flame until light golden.

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  1. my colleague makes these for her christmas and just last week she was telling me that they have made almost 100 of these... looks so yum...

  2. its my fav n really must for Christmas..looks yumm would like to taste

  3. looks tempting dear..loved the colors

  4. With these ingredients how many can be made