Galka nu Shak./Silk Gourd Curry .....A guest post by Linsy.

Today i have my dear friend Linsy who blogs at Home cooked Food.I recently did a guest post in her blog  She's here with us to share a healthy and yummy subzi. I had asked her for some yummy Gujarati dish since I'm very fond of gujarati cuisine .I have many Gujarati friends so I'm well versed with their cuisine i have tried many dishes and we all enjoy it..Linsy shares many healthy and delicious recipes in her blog with so many cuisines .check her sev khamani and ricotta chocolate moussewhich im going to try soon.

Now over to Linsy.

Did you guys check this Marzipan recipe at Pepper, Chilli and Vanilla , run by Gloria Fernandes? If not check it out , she made it so nicely and easy. Gosh I love to do that one day. She has awesome recipes both veg and non veg and her desserts are mind blowing. We both had our blog anniversary in July so I asked her for guest post and she asked me too. So we both did  guest post  for each other. Read more about my today's dish at her space.

I just love all the vegetables so now and then I make this dishes to go with rotis or rice but when my parents were visiting and we had chance, we went down to memory lane and make this shak with khichdi. We used to had this back home every summer for diner. That time we didn't have leftover tradition so what ever mom makes, we finished up everything and if we have little bit left, we used to eat it in kadai only, means in which mom made shak (curry) we add khichdi in it and eat it. It is saying if you eat this way, in your marriage , rain will come for sure. This happend to my sister's wedding. We had so bad rain that day that pots in which cooks have to make food, was floating but we managed to did everything  and wedding was done nicely and now from last 20 + years she is settled in Canada and happily married. so coming back to this dish, lets start cooking.

Ingredients :

3 galkas, cut in half then cut in cubes
1 onion finely chopped
1 potato finely chopped
1 tsp. cumin seeds
2 tsp. red chili powder
1 tsp. turmeric powder
1 tsp. cumin coriander powder
salt to taste
1 tsp. garam masala powder
2 tsp. ginger, garlic and chili paste
2 tbsp. oil
chopped fresh coriander leaves to garnish and lime juice
Heat a pan, add oil in it.
Add jeera (cumin seeds) in it., when it changes   the color, add onion and cook till its turn pink.
Add ginger, garlic and chili paste along with all powder masala and mix it.
Now add galka and potatoes in it and cover the lid.
You dont have to add water, this vegetable leaves too much water so it depend upon your choice, how dry or saucy you want. If you are eating with roti, dry it, if you are having with rice or khichdi, have some gravy in it.
When its done,  add coriander leaves and lime juice.
Serve Hot.

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  1. linsy has done awesome job with this galka subji:)

  2. Thanks Linsy for the wonderful post.. Subzi looks Saras..

  3. Lovely gust post . Yummy subzi

  4. Very very interesting flavors, certainly those we are gamed for. I can find a similar gourd over and next; we are gonna try it.

  5. Thanks Gloria for the awesome intro and letting me share your space , you rock dear.

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  8. wonderful guest post....curry looks Yummy and delicious!

  9. oh my Linsy, haven't had this for such a long time. Will have to wait till Diwali time to get galku.

  10. good job gals... silk gourd is my kids' favorite.. i always make stir fries.. ths one is really good

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