Kaju Katli/Kaju Katli Recipe

kaju katri
Right from childhood Diwali has been my favourite hindu festival I love the feel of this festival the lights the sweets everything in it. And being a foodie how will I miss the mouthwatering delicacies prepared .I too make it a point to prepare something sweet and some savoury items to celebrate diwali ..After all we are Indians right and i love being Indian for this reason that there's no country in the world which clebrates every festival with the same spirit ..Be it Christmas  Eid,Diwali Holi we celebrate eveything with lots of joy .
I would love to wish my friends ,readers and everyone a very Blessed and Happy Diwali . May this festive season illuminate your life with love joy and peace .I am sharing one of my favourite seet with you all ..I know I say this in every sweet i post hehehe But I love sweets and I just can't resist.
Making Kaju Katli at home is very simple you just need to remember few things and you will never fail .I have tried 3 -4 different methods but found this one the most easiest and quick than the other.

1 cup cashew
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
1 tbsp milk
1 tsp ghee
few strands of saffron/kesar.

  • Grind the cashews to a fine powder .The powder should be fine..Don't over blend the cashews or it will start releasing oil.
  • Sieve the powdered cashew and keep aside.
  • In a non stick pan/ kadhai take sugar and water and place it over the gas on a medium flame.
  • Stir so that the sugar dissolves . mix the milk and the saffron .
  • You will see bubbles appearing and soon you will get one thread consistency.
  • Let it boil further more for few sec then add the cashew powder and ghee and continue stirring .
  • Continue stirring till it leaves the sides of the pan ,it will take few minutes seconds so keep an eye.
  • You will see dough is formed switch the flame off and continue to stir .
  • Remove the mixture over a greased thali or on a butter paper.
  • Take a big butter paper and keep the dough inside it cover it with the other half of butter paper and roll it thinly with a rolling pin.
  • Using a sharp knife cut into diamonds shape and enjoy homemade kaju katli
bring the cashews to room temperature  before grinding it.
the grinder should be clean and dry.
The flame  will remain low /medium low .
You can also add a pinch of cardamom powder while the sugar is been dissloved.
You can also add the cashew powder right after you get the one thread consistency but then you will have to knead the dough once you take it out .
I havve tried doing so but prefer this method to wait for 2-3 seconds after you get the one thread consistency adding cashew powder fastens the cooking process and you  dont have to knead ity to a dough .
You just got to put it over the parchment/butter paper and roll it thinly.
If you wish you could knead the dough and if the dough hardens add few drops of milk or ghee and knead but i didint have to knead.

Happy Diwali everyone

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  1. Tasty kaju Katli Perfect for Diwali. You made it very well.

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    Thank you so much for sharing, Gloria...

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