Laadi Pav/Eggless Pav Recipe .

Today's post is Mumbai's famous pav .Pav Maska thats bread and butter with cup of tea is a famous breakfast for most of them here in Mumbai. People love having  kadak aka Brun pav and Soft white bread also called as Pav. 6 breads/loaves together makes one laadi hence its called laadi pav.
I have grown up eating this pav with kheema/vada or even a simple pav patties /masala pav.I have been to many cities but  I have not seen or tasted breads like we get here in Bombay. Well these breads are cheap enough and readily available in bakeries and general stores but when you can bake your own bread why wait to buy breads from out.
I have been enjoying baking breads and buns past few years and the joy of having fresh baked breads straight from the oven is incomparable.So here's the recipe to make soft fluffy pavs at home.

3 1/2 cup flour/APF/Maida
1/2 to 3/4 cup Water
1/2 cup Milk
3/4 tbsp  active dry yeast
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp milk powder
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp oil

Add yeast and sugar to lukewarm water and leave it to bloom for 3-4 min.
You will see it nice and frothy .
Mix flour,salt ,milk powder together in a bowl add the yeast to this and knead.
Add melted butter and milk to the dough and continue to knead .
Slowly add oil to the dough and knead till the dough is soft smooth and elastic.
Cover the bowl with a cling wrap or with a damp cloth and allow the dough to rise .
It may take 1 hr to 1 hr 30 min or may be 2 hrs depending on the climatic condition and the room temperature.
Once the dough is well risen /double in size Punch down the air.
And knead for 3-5 min.
Divide the dough into balls and shape it into rolls.
Place the shaped balls/rolls close to each other in a well greased pan.
Cover with a damp cloth and let it rise for 30-45 min till it doubles in size.
Pre heat the oven for 10 min at 180 degree Celsius.
Brush the pav/buns with milk/egg wash.
Bake the buns/pav for 20-25 min .
Remove and apply butter for the shine and allow to cool on wire rack.
Enjoy fresh hot Pav with pav Pav Bhaji /Misal Pav/Kheema Pav or any curry of your choice.
You can see for yourself how soft and fluffy it is.

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  1. Soft and yummy..I always wanted to try it at home..thanks for sharing the recipe.will try it soon

  2. Superb looking.
    Will try to make this thank you

  3. They look lovely dear..Super soft texture..

  4. hi ...Thanks dear was just looking for pav recipe tried wheat ones yesterday.

  5. Hi dear if I want to use instant dry much do I use and one more thing you have mentioned much oil do I use...and
    1 cup is 125gms is it so how much flour to use in grams...

    1. Use the same amount of yeast,oil is 2 tbsp ..use around 400 to 450 gms of flour

  6. Pav looks yummy....too good want to try out how many teaspoons or grams is 3/4 th tablespoon of instant yeast for this recipe

  7. Can you please tell yeast in tspns ...don't have tablespoons....

  8. each and every baked goodies made by you are so the buns too

  9. Soft and delicious looking pav buns.

  10. Indeed soft and spongy. I am not a bun person but this one is tempting. Would love with kheema.

  11. They look divine! I love your baked goodies!

  12. first dominos bandh now bakery bandh, govt will ban on your blog now. #beefban

    1. Haha that was a nice joke.. No more bandh yaar.. Pehle se we r pareshan bcos of the ban..

  13. looks beautifully made,soft n delicious !

  14. Beautiful Pav rotis. They look absolutely delicious...

  15. Soft and delicious one.made to perfection....... :)