Simple Ribbon Sandwich/Rainbow Sandwich /Ribbon Sandwich Recipe

rainbow sandwich,ribbon sandwich

Ribbon or Rainbow Sandwich are pretty looking layered veg sandwiches .Ribbon or rainbow sandwiches are deliciou sandwiches which are super easy to make .I have fond memories attached to these ribbon /rainbow sandwiches ,We grew up eating this Ribbon Sandwiches/rainbow sandwiches were always made for birthday parties or Rosaries and as kids we used to love these pretty coloured layered sandwiches. We still make them and its still loved by all.

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Here I am sharing a super easy veg version of Rainbow /Ribbon Sandwich which is made with natural ingredients and no artificial colour is used. These Ribbon sandwich are perfect finger food and are always hit among kids and adults. Do give this a try. 
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Ingredients needed 
12 to 16 Bread slices
Coconut Coriander Green Chutney 
butter as needed
cream cheese/slices/cheese spread
beetroot spread
Carrot spread
For the Orange layer/Carrot Spread
2 carrots boiled
3 cubes of cream cheese
salt to taste
  • Boil the carrots and chop 
  • Blend it together with cream cheese until smooth 
  • Add salt and its ready to use ,refrigerate. 

for the beetroot layer/beetroot spread
1 med sized beetroot boiled
2 tbsp mayonnaise(you can use eggless or egg mayo recipe posted in the blog)
salt to taste
  • chop the boiled beetroot
  • Grind or blend it to a puree ,add mayonnaise and blend
  • Add very little salt and mix 
  • Refrigerate and use as needed.

finger sandiwch,ribbon layer sandwich ,ribbon sandwich
 Assembling the sandwich

  • Take 4 bread slices and apply chutney on one slice
  • On the other apply butter and place it over the chutney slice
  • On the outer layer apply butter
  • Take another slice and apply the carrot cheese spread
  • Place it on the buttered slice
  • Spread a little butter on the outer side 
  • Then apply the beetroot mayo spread on the slice and place it over buttered  slice.
  • Refrigerate for 30 min then using a serrated or any sharp knife ,trim the edges and cut it neatly lengthwise 
  • you can also cut them diagonally.
  • Repeat the same process to make sandwiches with rest of slices. 
  • Cover with a cling film /with a moist cloth and refrigerate and serve when needed.

how to make rainbow sandiwch

 You can use use spinach too for the green layer We love our coconut chutney and we always use this .You can add cheese slices as well .
You can mix butter in the chutney and the carrot and beetroot spread too I prefer applying the butter on slices though .
You can use cheese spread or processed cheese too ,if using processed grate it and then use
Be a little generous while applying butter .
Always cling wrap or cover with moist cloth and refrigerate them as they tend to harden when exposed to the air.

veg ribbon sandwich ,rainbow sandwich recipe

veg rainbow sandwich,tricolor sandwich,tricolour sandwiches,party sandwiches

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