Rasgulla Recipe/Soft and Spongy Rasgulla Recipe.

Rasgulla a famous Bengali sweet is  nothing but a Soft and spongy balls made from cheenna is boiled and dipped in sugar syrup .It is a simple and a yummy dessert. .I have always been a big fan of bengali sweets be it mava sandwich cham cham etc and when my cousin gave me bowl full of chenna i thought of trying rasgulla this time.. I love milk sweets and also love to eat the spoiled milk which is cooked with sugar ..Whenever there is spoiled milk at home i always add sugar and enjoy it but this time i thought i  will make rasgullas out it..

I was very happy with the out come soft and spongy homemade rasgullas turned out just perfect...I actually thought of making ras malai too but the rasgullas were vanished in no time..
1 litre full fat  milk
1 tbsp lime juice/vinegar
2  cups sugar
5 cups water
few strands of kesar(optional)
1/2 tsp cardamom powder


  • First and foremost start by curdling the milk .Boil 1 litre milk in a pan and switch off the flame bring it down and  add 1 tbsp lime/lemon juice .and mix ..you will see milk has curdled and whey  has collected and the milk is curdled.
  • Now keep a strainer /seive ready lined with muslin cloth/handkerchief drain all the curdled milk on the cloth. and pass 2-3 glass of clean water over this so that the lemon/vinegar taste goes off...I skipped this step since I already had spoiled/curdled milk .

  • Now once all they curdled milk has been collected in the cloth tr and remove as much of water as you can by pressing the cloth.Then tie the cloth and hang it for 2-3 hrs till all the water has been drained out completely.
  • Now you will see that u have  Nice thick ball of chenna ,take a plate and with your palms knead this chenna well...

  • Make small balls out of this and keep aside.
  • Add sugar and water in a pan and place it over the flame add 1/2 tsp of milk so that the scum comes up add the cardamom powder to the syrup

  • Once the syrup begins to boil add the saffron if using and the balls and cover the pan with the lid and simmer and let it cook for 8-10 mins.The balls must have tripled in size.

  • Switch off the flame and keep the lid covered for 20-30 mins then transfer the syrup and balls in a container .let the rasgullas get soaked completely in the syrup for about 6-7 hrs ..refrigerate and enjoy homemade spongy rasgullas.


  •  use full fat cream milk,skimmed milk won't give you the desired results
  • there should be no water left in chenna ,if it is the balls will break while boiling.
  • kneading is very important step to get soft spongy rasgullas.
  • you will see some flattened yellow balls in the pic..i had added saffron to half of mixture and kneaded for making rasmalai ..hence the flat shape.
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  1. They look perfect. Making rasgullas is not easy if you do not know the proper techniques. Looks like you have mastered the techniques , as your rasgulla is so soft and spongy with the right texture. Very nice dear.

  2. wow excellent post and perfectly clicked <3 you have explained so well dear in your step by step pictures .. i will definitely try it sometime inshallah <3 i am in love with these sweets too :D

  3. Looks so spongy and yummy !!

  4. Super delicious Rasgullas..Really love them..

  5. Gosh!! This is one of my fav sweet treat. Soft and spongy for the melting moment.

  6. delicious, i just love the joy of making rasgullas at home

  7. Perfectly made rasgullas.. so soft and spongy!

  8. Well, this is different. I've never seen anything like this. I'm sitting here looking at that last picture imaging the wonderful texture and the sweetness and flavor in my mouth. So good!!!

  9. They looks so soft, perfect and YUM!

  10. Itz spongy...its soft n obviously heavenly....... I like this Bengali sweet very much.... :)

  11. wow..the last pic makes me drool,so spongy and delicious dear :)

  12. Drooling over here... Love the soft and spongy rasagulas... Great share

  13. Thanks for the recipe...but my rasgulla became very hard..I followed each and every step...for how much time do we have to knead the dough...please help...thank you..take care

    1. sorry to hear that dear..you need to knead well atleast for 7-8 mins...if you boil milk after adding the vinegar/lemon juice the rasgullas become chewy ..i have not used any binding agent u can see from the pic i only kneaded well my chenna was dry yet had little moisture bcos i used full fat cream milk....also u can check the rasgullas by drppoing in a glass of very little water if it sinks and stays at bottom it is cooked if it floats you need to cook it further