pinwheel sandwich recipe
Bite size Pinwheel Sandwiches are super cute appetizer /snack .Easy to make and taste delicious ,A sure crowd pleaser Pinwheel Sandwiches not only look inviting but taste great too .Pinwheel sandwich make a great option for Parties /tiffin boxes or snack with your cup of tea/coffee.
Making Pinwheel sandwiches is fun ,all you need is horizontally sliced bread but if you have no access to it you can use regular sandwich bread and place 3  to 4 slices to  make a pinwheel .

easy pinwheel sandwich recipe

If you have read my Rainbow /Ribbon Sandwich post  you can use the same recipe to make Vegetarian pinwheel sandwiches that too without adding colours.
My homemade super yummy thick and creamy mayonnaise mixed with shredded chicken ,ketchup and chutney are three spreads that we will be using to make Pinwheel sandwiches

chicken pinwheel sandwich recipe

for the chicken filling
200 grams chicken breast boiled and shredded 
pepper to taste . 
few drops of yellow colour. 

for the chutney 
1 cup coriander leaves
2 to 3 green chillies
1 inch ginger
2 garlic cloves 
3 to 4 sprig of mint/pudina leaves 
 8 to 10 peanuts /cashew
lime juice 1 tsp 

other Ingredients
cream cheese spread as needed 
tomato ketchup as needed 

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Boil the chicken with salt and pepper and shred to pieces,
In a mixer jar add shredded chicken and pulse it . This step is optional but I prefer instead of using chunky shredded chicken. 
Mix mayonnaise to the chicken ,add pepper if needed add a tiny drop of yellow colour mix well and set aside. 
Trim the edges of the bread with a serrated knife. 

Flatten the bread slices  with a rolling pin. 
Spread a layer of cream cheese over the bread. 
Then spread the chicken mixture ,followed with chutney and ketchup. 
Roll it tight ,wrap it in cling/silver foil or a damp cloth . 
Refrigerate it for 1 to 2 hours . 
Slice it using a sharp knife. 

Serve it with coffee/tea or soft drinks .


best pinwheel sandwich recipe,best chicken pinwheel sandwich

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