Chicken Pasta in Mustard Sauce

We love pastas but now wanted to try something different than the on ewe usually do .Wanted to keep it simple without adding any cheese or cream so then just mixed in few sauces and this yummy pasta was ready in no time.The mustard sauce gave a very nice flavour to this pasta .And the tomato sauce added a nice tang as well as little sweetness to the pasta .The sauces really blended very well.And it was light compared to the cheesy creamy pastas.Do try this you will enjoy it.

2 cups pasta(i used elbow)
250 gms boneless chicken
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp pepper/as needed
3 tsp tomato ketchup
1 tbsp mustard sauce
1 small capsicum
1/2 cup spring onion chopped
oil 1 tbsp
salt as needed


  • Boil pasta in sufficient water with salt till Al dente
  • Chop the spring onions ,the bulb and the green .
  • Chop garlic and capsicum and keep aside
  • Boil chicken with soy sauce pepper and water till done and shred to pieces
  • Heat oil in a pan add chopped garlic and saute
  • Then add the spring onion bulb and the capsicum and saute on high flame 
  • Add the chicken and the mustard paste ,chilli sauce and the tomato sauce
  • Give it a nice stir , add the spring onion and the pasta
  • Add crushed pepper and mix ,add salt only if required
  • Toss it well and serve hot .

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  1. Lovely version of the delicious pasta!

  2. love this different kind of sauce, looks yum

  3. Nice new punch with the mustard sauce. This is a very nice way to introduce different flavours to the taste buds which get used to certain flavours associated with certain dish. In that way one can keep the diners at t he home dinning table interested in the food. Very well thought of pasta and looks yummmy.

  4. I love to play around with varieties when pasta is made, and this one sounds really delicious...

  5. Never tried pasta in mustard sauce dear...... one different style to try.... :)

  6. Sounds really flavorful! I would like such pasta dish.

  7. Sometimes, in fact most of the time, simple meals/dishes are all the best. We don't eat pasta, so I can't say I will make.