christmas sweet cordial,coconut sweet

Cordial /Coconut sweet yet another delicious Christmas Sweet/Kuswar made using fresh coconut .It's my hubby's favourite Christmas sweet and loved by all at my place .Making this for Christmas is mandatory .Like every other Christmas sweet/Kuswar this too requires stirring and cooking on low flame but it relatively needs less elbow grease as compared to doce ,milkcream and cooked marzipan. 
With everyday pantry ingredients making Cordial/Coconut sweet is easy and can be put together in just 30 to 40 min 
coconut cordial recipe

250 gm fresh grated coconut
300 gram sugar 
100 ml condensed milk 
2 to 3 tbsp rose water. 
50 gm cashew.
1 tbsp ghee
2 drops of pink colour
1/2 tsp rose essence

coconut cordial,coconut sweet

Grind Coconut with rose water to a fine paste.
Also powder the cashews/grind it to paste.
Take a thick bottomed Pan into it add the ground paste 
Also add the sugar , Condensed milk,ground cashews/paste ,mix well with a wooden spoon or spatula.

Add a drop of pink colour also add ghee .
Once it starts thickening add essence. 
Keep stirring occasionally once the mixture stars leaving sides, switch the flame off.
Remove in a greased plate or tray .

Level it with a spatula or a greased butter paper or parchment .
Let it cool down a bit .
Cut in diamond or desired shapes.
Store in airtight container .

You may omit the condensed milk and use 400 grams sugar instead .
Also if using only sugar 1 cup milk can be added 

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