pista barfi,pista mawa barfi,pista mava barfi
Pista Burfi/Pista Barfi is super delicious and popular Indian sweet/Mithai made with pistachio and mawa /khoya/milk solids. Pista Burfi is not only easy to make but taste amazing too. I love Indian sweets/mithai ,you can check a variety of homemade Indian mithai in the blog I will share them at the end of the post .Indian sweets like burfi/barfi peda ,katli, ladoo are easily available in the sweet shops but making them at home is always welcomed ,you know what all ingredients go in not to mention the purity and hygiene too .With festivities around the corner I thought of sharing this super easy and delicious treat which can be prepared at home in just 15 minutes with handful of ingredients easily available .

how to make pista burfi
Pista burfi/Pista mawa barfi is loved by all at my place I even make another version which needs no mawa/khoya I will share that too some day soon .You can use almonds and pista in equal quantity to make almond badam pista burfi .
pista khoya burfi,pista burfi recipe

250 grams mawa/khoya/mava
100 grams pistachio/pista 
4 tbsp milkpowder 
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
1/2 cup sugar 
1 tsp ghee
how to make pista burfi,pista khoya burfi

Powder the pistachio and keep aside 
Take a nonstick/thick bottomed pan,add ghee and  mawa/khoya and saute till mawa starts to melt
Add in powdered pista and a tiny drop of green colour
Add cardamom powder and sugar and mix well 
The mixture will look loose keep stirring with a spatula until sugar dissolves completely
Add in milk powder and give it a nice mix
The mixture will be ready and will leave sides of the pan. 

Remove the mixture in a greased tray/thali 
Level it with a spatula and allow it to cool
Dab the silver warq/varal/edible silver leaves or chopped pista if you want to avoid warq
Cut into desired shapes and enjoy homemade delicious Pista burfi/barfi.

best pista burfi recipe,best pista barfi recipe,pista burfi with khoya

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