Roasted Chicken with Rosemary and Thyme.

Whole Roasted  is a must at my place during feast or any special occasions.We normally stuff and roast chicken or simply marinate with some masala and spices and roast it. I have also made stuffed roasted chicken  twice for my Cousins wedding and it was a very big hit
This was made for christmas & from that day this was lying in my drafts but I completely forgot about it.Today while going through  the drafts I finally edited & decided to post it. This Christmas instead of making stuffed chicken I made this simple roasted chicken without the gibblet stuffing ..It was juicy,the chicken was perfectly roasted and  crispy and  the meat was succulent with all the flavours & juices from the marinade.
The fresh herbs ,crushed garlic & the pepper gave this chicken a yummy flavour & taste and while it was in the Rotisserie oven the whole house was filled with a lovely aroma.. It was so tempting to see it getting roasted that i could not wait for it to get ready and have it ..I didn't even garnish it before serving just served it the way it was and it still looked beautiful ..The marinade is simple thus bringing the real flavours and the juices out of the chicken ..I also roasted potatoes ,brocoli and bell peppers with this.


Whole Chicken with /without skin.(mine weighed 1.5kg)
6-7 garlic crushed
1 tbsp red chilli flakes
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp crushed pepper/to taste
juice of 1lime / as needed
2 tbsp oil preferably olive oil
5-6 stalks of fresh rosemary
2-3 stalks of thyme
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
2 potatoes cut in cubes
7-8 brocoli florets
salt to taste.


Clean the chicken very well and remove the giblets from  the cavity.

Wash the chicken well and drain out all the water from it you could even pat dry the chicken with paper towels.

Poke the chicken with fork all over to ensure the marination reaches the chicken from inside as well.

Mix crushed pepper ,oil .chilli flakes,herbs,salt and lime together and rub it inside as well as outside the chicken.
Put 2 stalks of rosemary, thyme and some crushed garlic inside the chicken and the rest just rub it all over the chicken.

Marinate for 4-5 hours or overnight.

Once you are ready to roast it mix some broccoli's,bell peppers & potatoes in the same marinade.

Roast it on 180 degree centigrade for about 1 hour or till  well cooked .

Carve and serve ....

sending this to  first anniversary event by mykitchenodyssey

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  1. u tempting me during too good..yummy

  2. looks too tempting...wish I could take it off screen & relish it

  3. looks super yummy dear..just too good

  4. looks so delicious, remind me of my old days.

  5. Looks absolutely tempting dear ...yummy !!

  6. Delicious, filling, flavourful and tempting roasted chicken...

  7. amazing roast dear... mouthwatering preparation :)

  8. sounds good ... I just roasted a chicken last night just to eat it for dinner and have some leftovers and the stock made from the pan juices, back, wing tips, additional vegetables. To aromatize it I used parsley and cliantro stems, same idea you did with garlic and spice.

  9. Hi Gloria!
    Your "leftovers" from Christmas sound oh so aromatic. I can't wait to be able to roast a whole chicken on the barbecue. I've stuck herbs inside before but I can't remember the last time I used Rosemary. I just happen to have a small Rosemary plant growing very slowly. Hopefully, it will grow big enough to use with the chicken on the barbecue rotisserie. Thank you so much for sharing, Gloria. I'm sure it was delicious!

  10. Delicious roasted chicken Gloria, this Christmas recipe sounds really yumm.

  11. oh seriously that sounds really aromatic...

  12. delicious and perfectly roasted tempting chicken..

  13. I can imagine how nicely this chicken smells and is just melting in the mouth :)

  14. oh..theyare too good Gloria.. wish I was ur neighbor. We too love whole roasted chicken and this looks amazing

  15. Hi Gloria,
    My family love roasted chicken.
    Yours sure look inviting!!

  16. Tempting and flavorful roasted chicken.....

  17. Hi Gloria, this chicken dish sure look delightful and finger licking good. Well done. You 're an excellent cook.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

    1. thanks a lot made my day...Enjoy your week too...

  18. Thanks everyone for such kind words...

  19. hmm super delicious chicken .Thats a huge chicken .Thanks for linking it to my event "first anniversary giveaway"