Chicken Fried rice with Meatballs

If you love fried rice you're going to love this for sure . filling one pot meal with fried meatballs, chicken and egg you can add crab meat and sausage too.Goes very well with Chicken Chilli Do give it a try ..I have used meatballs with mutton mince you can make it with chicken/beef mince too.

300 gms chicken boneless
2 cups rice
1 egg
1 green chilli
5-6 garlic cloves minced
12-15 meatballs click here for recipe
1 tsp oyster sauce
1.5 tsp chilli sauce
1 .5 tsp soy sauce
1 tbsp pepper crushed
2 med capsicum
1 carrot finely chopped
7-8 french beans chopped fine
1 cup spring onions chopped fine.

  • Cook rice till 3/4th done and let it cool completely.
  • Boil the chicken with pepper and salt and shred to pieces.
  • In a pan heat 1 tsp oil add green chillies pepper and egg scramble it  and keep it aside.
  • In the same pan heat 2 tbsp oil ,add chopped garlic and saute for 2-3 min
  • Then add the french bean and carrot saute for sometime.
  • Add pepper and salt ,then add the shredded chicken ,meat balls and the sauces.
  • Mix in the cooked rice and give it a nice stir so that everything mixes up well.
  • Lastly add the chopped spring onion .
  • Toss it well ,add salt and pepper if required.
  • Serve hot with Chicken Chilli.

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  1. Fantastic Fried rice with meatballs.. love to have that platter dear!!! Thanks for visiting my page and leaving your wonderful comments..

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