Crispy Bombil Fry/Crispy fried Bombay Ducks..

Bombay Ducks are not actually ducks as the name suggests but a type of fish found at Bombay aile hence the name Bombay Duck Popularly known as Bombil .These are extremely tasty and a delicate fish which is widely consumed in Maharashtra both fresh and salted/dry form.We stock atleast 700-1000 numbers of these salted /dry bombils esp for monsoon...I love simply fried bombil or bombil thecha with a simple dal and rice..Bombil batata and bombil vindaloo and pickle I'll be sharing all these recipes in the coming days.
Coming back to todays post..Bombil fry is a simple yet very delicious fish fry which needs very little ingredients.Lighlty marinated with salt turmeric and chilli powder these bombils are pressed on flour and rava then shallow fried till crisp..These are a fav among kids and most of them confuse them with nuggets..These are best served hot and crisp...
7-8 med sized  bombay ducks/bombils
1 tsp bottle masala/koli masala/fish masala or 1 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
salt as needed...
Rice flour and
Rava for coating
oil to fry


  • Clean the fresh bombils by removing the fins head and wash it well
  • Be gentle as these are very soft.
  • Pat dry and marinate with salt ,turmeric and chilli powder.
  • If the fish is too big  ,remove the thorn by slitting it and cut into 3 
  • Apply salt,masala and turmeric powder and let it marinate for 15 minutes..]
  • If frying later keep it in the fridge ..Bombil/bombay ducks are salty if kept marinated longer they tend to be more salty use salt less if keeping for more time..later you can add more salt if needed.
  • Once ready to fry,take flour and rava in a plate
  • Dab the fish on the flour with your palms with a little pressure.
  • Heat oil to shallow fry ,once hot place the bombay ducks/bombils and fry  over med flame till crisp and brown on both sides
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  1. These look very tempting, Gloria! We don't get the fresh ones here...would love to try this if I happen to travel to Mumbai.:)

  2. I wonder why that fish has a peculiar name... :) thanks for sharing the recipe...

  3. Any kind of fishrava fry I am there :)...looks tasty

  4. I had no idea such fish existed! Nice snack!

  5. Walla!! simply crispy and tasty though never heard of the fish.

  6. wow..fantastic idea,looks crispy n yumm!!

  7. thanks for clarifying, i thought for duck it looks small. looks yum

  8. // Simply superb and out of the box recipe. He is out for the fish and am getting ready to try my hand //