Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe ..Soft and Moist

 A very Happy New year to all my friends and readers ..I know its 20 days since the new year has started
and I'm late to wish you all..I have been away from blogging since more than a month  the longest break since i started blogging..I had planned to post many recipes for Christmas  and thereafter but just couldn't make it..Was tied up with so many family functions  but I'm happy to start blogging again ..Hopefully i will be regular in posting now..There are so many post in my drafts will try and publish them asap..
Well today I have a moist fluffy and perfect cupcake ..these vanilla cupcakes are the best one I baked so far...I normally prefer chocolate cupcakes but my folks get fed up with my obsession to chocolate cakes so  thought of making vanilla the recipe is pretty simple I used my fav vanilla cake recipe just added buttermilk instead of milk and ...what I got was absolutely soft fluffy and delicious Vanilla cupcakes..they were just perfect to eat by themselves but since I wanted to frost them i chose to   use my fav Ganache frosting...I would highly recommend  these cupcakes if you looking out for perfect fluffy and moist vanilla cupcakes
These can be made without using eggs ...I had made a small batch of cupcake as trail since there was only egg left in the fridge if you wish to make more you could simply double the recipe...This recipe gave me 7 cupcakes..
now over to the recipe...

1 egg* (check Notes)
3/4 cup flour  +1 tbsp cornflour
50 gms butter softened
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup butter milk (1/4 cup  milk 1 tsp vinegar/Lime juice)
3/4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tbsp cream/malai
1/2 tsp salt


  • Sift the flour/maida ,baking powder and cornflour together.
  • Make buttermilk by adding lime or vinegar to the milk,let it sit for few minutes,your buttermilk is ready.
  • Line the muffins tray with  cupcakes liner .
  • In a bowl mix butter  and powdered sugar, beat till creamy.
  • Add egg and beat till creamy and fluffy the more you beat the fluffier your cupcakes will be.
  • Add vanilla and buttermilk,cream/malai  and beat till all mixes up,the mixture will look curdled,don't worry.
  • Add the sifted flour and beat on low speed till all is combined well
  • Pour the batter in the lined cupcake mould and bake for 25 mins at 180 degree/Celsius till tooth pick inserted comes out clean
  • Place it on the cooling rack and let them cool completely before frosting

I have frosted it with chocolate ganache ..ill share it in the next post...these were so moist and delish that i could eat it without frosting

These can be made eggless by simply skipping the egg and adding 1/4 cup of milk that means you will need to add 1/2 cup of milk and 1tbsp vinegar instead of egg.
if you do not have fresh cream use malai/milk cream or simply add a tbsp of milk.
I have not added salt since i used salted butter, add salt if you use unsalted butter.

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  1. wow... they look so soft... have been missing ur posts... :)

  2. Looks super yummy dear. I love the texture of the cup cakes. So soft and melt in the mouth.

  3. Such lovely cupcakes! Looks so good! Happy New Year to you too!

  4. Nice addition of malai for the super moist texture.

  5. Looks so moist. Love the addition of malai.

  6. I am making this cake now ...I am using amul butter so should I put salt....

  7. No need to add salt, amul butter is salted...

  8. thaaanks dearrr,,,made this todayyy....soo lovelyyy...

    1. thank u so much for the feedback..glad you liked it..

  9. Hi Gloria, that's a very moist and delicious vanilla cupcake. The ganache is finger licking good,I sure love that. :))
    Happy baking.


  10. Hi Gloria need a fluffy soft cupcake...please tell me what to do don't want moist....since it gets gooey and wet after sometimes...Coz I don't want to frost it...please help

  11. Dear Gloria,
    my son is my BIGGEST critic when it comes to baking, and that's why I do not dare to bake much at home :)
    for the first time, he SUPER LIKED the vanilla cupcakes prepared as per your recipe and I am so thankful for this recipe bcz he is again demanding for the same! please suggest me if I can use little less butter bcz just thinking to be little conscious or if I can replace butter with olive oil?

    1. That's wonderful dear..Happy to hear that..
      You can use olive oil instead or any regular oil can even reduce the butter and use 40 gm instead ..butter definitely adds in more taste and softness though..
      Or you can use half butter and half oil for moist soft cupcakes..
      Would love to see a pic next time you make it can either send it on my fb page or mail me

  12. Hey.. urgent.
    Pre heatinh the oven is not required? If yes then at wat temp?

  13. Sorry for the late reply just saw it..preheat for 10.min at180 degree Celsius