Homemade Paneer

Paneer or cottage cheese is a very popular cheese in India .Paneer is a great  source of protein and used to make many mouthwatering delicacies. Paneer is my fav and I have already shared  many recipes using paneer .Making paneer is very easy you just need two ingredients and you have soft paneer . Homemade paneer is any day better in taste and quality than the ready made ones .
Full fat milk 1 litre
1/4 cup lemon juice 

Boil milk once it starts to boil reduce the flame
Add the lemon juice 
You will see that the milk begins to curdle and the whey starts to separate.
Switch the flame off.
Take a colander and line it with cheesecloth or muslin cloth
Pour the entire curdled milk.
Pour some water over the curdled milk.
Tie the muslin cloth and hang it  drain all the water.
Once all the water has drained flatten the cloth pressing it with your hands.
Keep a vessel or something heavy on it 
After 30 minutes remove the weight or vessel
Cut into blocks and use as you want .

Always use best quality milk ,use full fat cream milk for creamy soft paneer .
You can use curd or vinegar as well to curdle the milk.
Once you see the milk starts to curdle switch the flame off if you keep cooking the paneer will turn hard.
But make sure the milk has completely curdled before switching the flame off.
Do not remove the cream layer that comes on the top of the milk .
Use the whey to knead chapati dough .
If you don't want to hang the muslin cloth just tie a tight knot and keep a heavy weight on the paneer once the whey has drained off completely. 
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  1. Made before, failed massively and now, thank you, here I have your version to try out again.

  2. Perfectly made paneer. Thank you for sharing dear.

  3. I love home made paneer, tastes so much better than the store bought ones!

  4. Wow! Helpful recipe, thanks Gloria.

  5. perfectly made paneer!! very useful post, especially for beginners!!

  6. Lovely paneer... Thanks for useful tips ... I have never made paneer before.. I will follow your recipe inshallah ..