Hariyali Mutton Chops /Green Masala Mutton Chops

how to make hariyali mutton chops
Hariyali Mutton Chops or Green Masala Mutton chops is a mouthwatering dish ,mutton chops cooked together in a flavourful green masala ,It can be relished as an appetizer or as side dish with any flat bread .We love crumb fried mutton chops it is regular at my place .You can find some chops recipes in the blog .
how to make green masala mutton chops

easy hariyali mutton chops
mutton chops 1/2 kg
a small bunch of  coriander leaves
handful of mint leaves
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
4 to 5 green chillies/or as needed
1 tsp cumin seeds
1  tsp garam masala powder
1 1/2 inch ginger
6 to 7 garlic cloves
 5 to 6 peppercorns
Lime juice as needed
Salt to taste

indian mutton chops/chap

  • Wash the mutton chops and drain excess water.
  • Apply salt lime juice and turmeric and keep aside for 30 minutes.
  • Grind the chilli ,garlic ,ginger  ,cumin seeds coriander ,mint pepper to a paste
  • Apply this paste to the chops and marinade for  3 to 4 hours .
  • When ready to cook heat the pressure cooker
  • Add 2 tsp oil then add the chops and marinade and saute for 6 to 7 minutes.
  • Add very little water and sprinkle garam masala powder .
  • Cover with the lid and cook till tender ,it took 3 whisltes ,check notes .
  • Release the pressure and open the lid.
  • If there is little water left you can try it by cooking the chops without the lid .
  • Garnish with onion coriander leaves and serve ..
  • You can enjoy this with Roti or any flatbread or serve as a appetizer .

You can cook this in an open pot on slow flame till done.
If you want gravy add more water and cook you will get thick gravy .
the chops i made were tender so they cooked fast within 3 whistles ,it may take 3 to 5 whistles for the chops to cook depending on the meat quality .

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  1. Those mutton chops look lipsmacking, love the masala on it...

  2. Looks yummy! What’s the quantity of water added? 200 ml or 1/2 ltr?

  3. If you want gravy then add Up to 1/2 litre else 1 cup thats 200 ml is enough

  4. The recipe sounds absolutely amazing, I shall definitely try it & let you know how it turns out