Crispy Chicken Burger

Enjoy this crispy chicken burger in the comforts of your MSG no preservatives make crunchy crispy chicken home you will never eat burger form out.I have posted beef burger some months back  .I have used simple burji  buns which is already posted in the blog   .You can use hamburger buns .I enjoy eating burgers with my fav honey mustard sauce and just little tomato ketchup .You could  use mayo or any sauce you prefer.
 hamburger burger buns /buns
crispy chicken 
honey mustard sauce as needed
tomato kethcup as needed
lettuce leaves

Grill the burger buns .
Place the cheese slice on the burger bun and top it with tomato ketchup and honey mustard sauce.
Place lettuce leaves on top of the crispy chicken.
Cover it with the half grilled buns.
Serve it immediately.

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  1. wow... just look at that cheese melting...

  2. dear which cheese slice u have used... beautifully made buns loving then yummy

  3. I would love a bite! Or two :)

  4. Home made; definitely healthy and with home made buns, another plus point. Nice packaged with veggies.

  5. Wow.. kids and adults love these equally.. long time since I have eaten one .

  6. this burger looks very delicious...I'm loving it...yumm..yumm

  7. Omg, i dont mind having this alluring burger rite now, yea am hungry even after having my dinner.

  8. feeling hungry looking at this burger ...parcel me some,looks professionally made..yummy!

  9. Hi Gloria, your burger is calling my name. :)) Look really superb, I need 2 please. :))

    Have a wonderful day ahead,regards.

  10. my non veg friends die for chicken burgers:) Looks so tempting yaar :)

  11. Tempting burger! Love the melted cheese nom nom

  12. Yummyyyy...hey I didn't see that last foto before
    ...the bitten one.. U kept it a secret..lolz

  13. Hi Gloria,

    Please share the recipe of Honey Mustard Sauce.

    Thanks in advance ....