Chicken Mayonnaise Roll Recipe /Chicken Mayo Roll .

Chicken Mayonnaise  sandwich
Chicken Mayonnaise  Rolls are our favourite  Its mandatory  to make Chicken mayo rolls for parties picnics or Sunday breakie at my place. My Hubby dearest loves chicken mayo  rolls and sandwiches .Making Chicken  Mayo rolls at homes is super easy if you have Homemade Mayonnaise  ready at home. My homemade mayo comes handy to make such rolls sandwiches and dips.
These Chicken Mayonnaise  rolls taste super delish and far better than  the one we get on bakery  and Cafe's .Since we make it at home we use the best ingredients  possible. You can add cheese and more veggies to make it more yummier.
Makes 4 rolls

4 Hot dog buns
1 cup mayo click here for recipe
300 grams boneless chicken
1 1/2 tsp pepper /as needed
Mustard Sauce 2 tsp /as needed (optional)
Salt to taste
Lettuce or Salad  leaves.

Bakery style  Chicken Mayonnaise  rolls  /chicken  mayo rolls

  • Boil the chicken with salt pepper powder and 1 tsp ginger garlic paste .
  • Once boiled shred to pieces.
  • In a bowl mix Mayonnaise ,shredded chicken,pepper powder  mustard paste( if using )and mix.
  • You can refrigerate  this mixture and use when needed
  • Make a slit with knife place the salad or lettuce leaves
  • Fill it with 2 to 3 tbsp of the mayo chicken  filling
  • Serve with some chips and juice or coffee .
  • You can wrap the rolls in the cling foil and refrigerate  for later.

Easy bakery style chicken mayo rolls or sandwich
I have used bones chicken pieces;use boneless chicken preferably from thigh and breast pieces
Do not over cook the chicken it will turn hard and chewy.
I prefer my rolls to have chunky shredded chicken  you can pulse it once in the mixie after shredding.
Cover the mixed filling with a cling foil and refrigerate
You can add some cream cheese as well .

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