Sitaphal Basundi/Custard Apple Basundi/Sitafal Basundi

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 Basundi /Basoondi is a very popular Indian dessert made from milk which is reduced to half of its quantity and sweetened with sugar served chilled with nuts or made with any other flavours. Sitaphal Basundi is another variant made with Sitaphal/Custard Apple which is in season now. Chilled Basundi with hot puris make an amazing combo as well .The process of making basundi is a bit tedious though but worth every effort. Here I have used condensed milk which adds richness to the basundi but you can skip it as check the recipe notes for alternatives.

As Sitaphal is seasonal and available in abundance I made basundi with it and it tasted so divine.I always make the best use of seasonal fruit I have made an Eggless Custard Apple Ice Cream before  and now made this..I will be trying many more things with Custard apple ..This basundi is  very easy to prepare this give it a try...

easy sitaphal basundi


1 1/2 ltrs Full cream milk
1/2 tin (200 gm) of condensed milk/5 to 6 tbsp sugar
1 cup custard apple /sitaphal deseeded
1/2 tsp cardamom powder


  • De seed the Custard Apple /Sitaphal and refrigerate it.
  • In a large vessel preferably thick bottomed, heat the milk and boil it over low heat stirring it occasionally till its reduced till 3/4th of its original quantity.
  • Now add the condensed milk/sugar and keep stirring it.
  • Add the cardamon powder and mix well turn off the flame .
  • Let it cool on room temperature then add the sitaphal and mix it .
  • You can garnish it with pista/almond silvers.
  • Refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours and serve chilled

I used 2 big custard apple which gave me 1 cup pulp
You can crush/blend  the deseeded sitaphal and then add to the reduced milk,I prefer it to be chunky.
You can subtitute condensed milk with 5 to 6 tbsp sugar ,depending on how sweet the Sitaphal/Custard apple is.
Do not add the pulp to the warm milk,allow it to completely cool before adding.
You may add few strands of saffron while the milk is reducing

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