Sitaphal Basundi/Custard Apple Basundi

Festive season is around the corner .The streets of Mumbai are glittering with lightings and everyone seem to be happy in this festive mood. It is so beautiful when people from different communities irrespective of caste creed come together and celebrate all the festivals .This is what makes India so so special and beautiful.

Right from my childhood i too have joined with my friends of other faith and happily celebrated festivals together.And this festive mood made my sweet tooth to try some thing that I love I'm sure many of us love Hm mm Yes I'm talking about the very famous very tasty Basundi /Basoondi . This is a very popular Indian dessert made from milk which is reduced to half of its quantity and sweetened with sugar served chilled with nuts or made with any other flavours.The process is lengthy though but worth every effort. Here I have used condensed milk and added little mava to make it quick.

As Sitaphal is seasonal and available in abundance I made basundi with it and it tasted so divine.I always make the best use of seasonal fruit I have made an Eggless Custard Apple Ice Cream before  and now made this..I will be trying many more things with Custard apple ..This basundi is  very easy to prepare this give it a try... Wish you all a very happy Navratri..


1.5 Litre Full cream milk
1/2 tin of condensed milk
1/2 cup sugar
50 gms mava/khoya
2 big custard apple de seeded
1/4 tsp cardamon powder


De seed the Custard Apple /Sitaphal and refrigerate it.

In a large vessel preferably thick bottomed heat the milk and boil it over low heat  stirring it occasionally till its reduced till 3/4th of its original quantity.

Now add the condensed milk and khoya and the sugar and keep stirring it.

Add the cardamon powder and mix well turn off the flame .

Let it cool on room temperature then add the sitaphal and mix it .

Refrigerate for an hour or two and serve chilled

Sending this to'' Celebration of Freedom'' at Pak-Ind Independence event by RecipePassion 
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