Eggless Chocolate Mousse.

This mousse is super easy with no fuss of using egg whites .Just 3 ingredients & the mousse is ready,folded in some whipped cream & some fresh cream & this yummy goodness was ready in jiffy .I served this as dessert on my birthday...Everyone just loved it specially the chocoholics..

dark chocolate compound 150 gms
heavy whipped cream 1.5 cup
fresh cream 1/2 cup
chocolate shavings as needed for garnish
chocolate wafer rolls.

Melt the chocolate over the double boiler.
Pour some chocolate in the glass & turn the glass to form swirls.
Beat the fresh cream till soft peaks are formed.
Fold the melted chocolate gently  in whipped cream & fresh cream till it combines.
Fill the mousse in the prepared glass
Decorate with chocolate shavings & chocolate wafer rolls.
Refrigerate  for 2-3 hours & serve cold.

I have used dark chocolate since I prefer it over milk,Feel free to use milk chocolate if you wish to.
I had whipped cream using 1.5 tbsp icing sugar hence I have not added any sugar to the mousse.
If you want the mousse to be more sweet you could add powdered sugar to the cream & then fold it with the chocolate.
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  1. That's a beautiful way to decorate the glasses for the mousse! Great idea and very delicious chocolate mousse :)

  2. Hi Gloria..
    You have such a lovely boutique of recipes..Especially Dessert..
    Happy to follow you..

  3. looks really yummy...tempting pics too

  4. Fantastic mousse........ Wonderful clicks!!

  5. Its not only super easy but super good and super inviting.

  6. Mousse looks very delightful dear :)

  7. Eggless mousse is so difficult to make. Yours looks so amazing and fluffy :-)

  8. I love the way your drizzled the chocolate in the glass before adding the mousse. This looks SO good! One of those treats that would be hard to stop eating.

  9. yummy mousse.....................................

  10. Yummmy! I just made Mango mousse recently almost the same way. It was a hit. Visit my space whenever.

  11. Give me that glass dear! Lovely recipe! Thanx for linking this recipe to my ongoing event- Wedding Anniversary Cakes & Sweets

  12. Hi....wanted to know which brand of dark compound do you use. Thanx.

  13. let me know which brand of dark chocolate you use. Thanks

    1. 2m Cocoa dark compound or Vanleer....I used Selbourne for this recipe its not available...