Easy Homemade Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone is an Italian cheese which is used for making the famous desserts Tiramisu and Charlotte..Its an expensive cheese which can be made with just 2 ingredients in the comforts of your home at a very minimal cost.

All you need is
  • 1 litre  cream (i used amul)
  • 1 lime.

  • Empty the cream in one bowl place the bowl over double boiler and let it boil.
  • It will take about 15 min ..It wont exactly boil like milk but you will see bubbles at the edges.
  • Squeeze the lime in the cream and continue heating stirring it with a wooden spoon.
  • it will start to curdle not exactly as it curdles while making paneer but it will thicken and cover  back of the spoon like custard.
  • Remove the bowl from water and let it cool for 30- 4o min.
  • Meanwhile, line a sieve with layers of cheesecloth and set it over a bowl. 
  • Transfer the mixture into the lined sieve. Do not squeeze the cheese in the cheesecloth or press on its surface (be patient, it will firm up after refrigeration time). 
  • Once cooled completely, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate (in the sieve) overnight or up to 24 hours.
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  1. woww. thanks for sharing it gloria, i didnt know how to prepare this cheese.. shall def go for the recipe and give it a try :) love

  2. thats a wonderful recipe u shared!! thank u :)

  3. Thanks for sharing dear...... Looks so cheesy!!

  4. I made tiramisu from my home made cheese too. Its so easy too, so what's coming next?

  5. Thats an easy and well explained recipe... have been looking for a recipe to try at home. Bookmarked sis:) Will tell you when I make:)

  6. Good post .Thank u for sharing

  7. I agree that making is definitely cheaper. I've been buying but after reading through this post, its time to start making.

  8. I have never tried mascarpone at home! Great idea!

  9. lovely post dearthank you for sharing

  10. Homemade is always best.... nice explained..

  11. All that cream scares me....cant afford it