Puran Poli

Hope you all had a wonderful Holi yesterday.I remember as a kid I used to play holi with my cousins and friends but I never liked playing with colours.We only played with water balloons.And then we use to relish Soft hot Puran Polis which my Mom used to make.Yeah we too make puran polis on holi ..Surprised? Though I'm a Catholic and firm believer of my faith I do enjoy other festivals atleast in eating..Being a foodie I love to celebrate all festivals We do make Sheer Khurma and biryanis on Eid and Kaju Katli  and ladoos and many other sweets on Diwali  and ofcourse Sweets on  Christmas.
My mom makes the best puran poli I have tasted till date she makes it very soft it just melts in the mouth.Even my hindu friends used to love Mom's Puran Polis .She still grinds the dal and jaggery on a grinding stone.
I enjoyed relishing these soft melt in mouth puran polis yesterday too so thought of sharing it with you all.Few of my friends and readers too asked me to post this few days back so here's the recipe.

250 gms Chana Dal
250 gms Jaggery
250 gms Maida/All purpose flour
1 tsp cardamom powder
1/2 tsp nutmeg powder
1/2 tsp sunth /dry ginger powder
ghee as needed
oil to knead the dough
pinch of salt

Cook the Chana dal  together with water till 85-90% done.
You could even boil the dal in the pressure cooker for 6-7 whistles.
When the dal is boiled nearly 85-90% done means when the dal turns soft but yet not mushy switch off the flame.
Drain all the excess water and cook the dal with the jaggery till the jaggery melts and the mixture is thick.
Grind the dal and jaggery  with cardamom powder ,dry ginger powder and nutmeg very fine till smooth.
Knead the maida with water to a very soft dough.Put oil or ghee on top and leave it for sometime.
Make balls of the ground chana dal and jaggery.

Take a ball of dough and flatten it on your plam ,stuff the puran(ground chana dal mixture)
Dip in flour and roll it like a chapati gently with the rolling pin.

Heat the iron griddle and place the puran poli once the tava is hot put little ghee and turn the side.
With the spatula press one side so that it puffs up well.
It will not take more then 2 min to be ready.
Remove from the tawa/griddle and drizzle ghee and serve.
Let it cool completely before storing it in air tight container.

You any need around 1/2 cup water and approx 2 - 3tbsp oil to knead the dough ,the dough needs to be soft very soft .You can also need with milk
The amount of oil and wAter needed depends on the flour you may need less or.more but the dough needs to be very soft .

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