London Almond Cookies Recipe/Almond London Cookies Recipe

My  all time fav cookies, just them love ....These London Almond or Almond London are buttery cookies stuffed with almonds and then baked then coated with melted chocolate and garnished with almond nibs..
These are very popular cookies made specially on Chinise New year and other festivals  like Eid in Malyasia..
I had made these for Christmas and they were loved and well received by all who tasted them.As i got busy during the entire month of December I just forgot to post them..Anyways its better late than never ..
Now over to the recipe

125 gm butter
75 g icing sugar/powdered sugar sifted
1 egg yolk
225 g flour/2 cup
3tbsp cornflour
100 g ground almonds
1 tsp vanilla  essence
 350-400  gm chocolate compound
1 tsp baking powder # ( see notes )
70 almonds
50 gm almond nibbles

preheat oven 170
Sift flour ,cornflour and baking powder
In a bowl beat sugar and butter together till creamy.
Add egg and  essence,beat  till pale yellow
add flour ,almond flour baking powder if using  and fold till you get soft  dough

If  the dough is too  soft  add more flour

  • Divide into marble sized balls
  • Bake /toast the almonds for 7-8  min
  • Cover the cookie with almond ,shape into oval shaped cookie
  • Bake for 20 min 180 degree
  • Over double boiler,melt the chopped compound chocolate
  • Cool before dipping in melted  chocolate

  • Dip the cookies in chocolate and with help of spoon/fork lift each cookies and place on paper cups.
  • Sprinkle nibbles before chocolate dries
  • Store it an air tight container..

you can skip egg you are a vegetarian..jus proceed with the rest of the ingredients add few drops of milk if the dough is too crumbly. 
if the dough is too soft to handle ,keep it in the refrigerator for 15- 20 minutes before you shape it to cookies
# i have tried both method adding baking powder and skipping it..both turns out perfect..i feel skipping is much better.
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  1. I'm sure that tastes too good! Looks so tempting!

    1. Wow...look so tempting. ..really easy to follow your blog with step by step instructions. ..keep going dear

  2. My all time fav, also truly popular over here for other festivals as well. Just simply tempting.

  3. This is something new and innovative...never tried this...

  4. I need to try looks delicious very nice.

  5. looks easy , let me find out about egg less version of this and will try it. I dont like complicated baking.

    1. you can skip the egg will still turn soft as cornflour is added already..

  6. wow almond cookies in chocoalte di looks lip smacking i shoud try this eggless version

  7. These look so tasty! Perfect for Valentine's Day :)

  8. in love with these london almond cookies.. shall bake it sometime :) bookmarked dear <3

  9. Never heard of these cookies but from the way it looks and the recipe, this is surely a must try! Thank you for sharing...

  10. Wish I could grab some right now! YUMMY!

  11. This is such an interesting recipe! Love everything about it!

  12. Superb cookies with almonds. Like the shape of the cookies too...

  13. The chocolate hardens and sticks to the baking paper. While trying to separate the cookie from the individual baking paper, the paper will tear or stick to the cookie coated with chocolate. This happens as the chocolate is really very hard. For taste, the chocolate becomes extremely hard which spoils the cookie’s texture. The chocolate is the culprit in this case, while the cookie is still smooth and delicate by itself.
    Any advise on how to avoid the chocolate to not be this way?

    1. Never faced such problem before..try using a different brand of compound chocolate.

  14. hi, is ground almond necessary? can i skip it?

    1. yes its necessary you may skip and use flour but the taste will definitely change

  15. I did as per d recipe but d dough was crumbly without egg. Hence added chilled milk as substitute.