Easy Strawberry Icecream Recipe using Strawberry Crush

Its getting hotter and hotter each day and at this time we really feel like having some cool stuff.I usually skip lunch and have milkshakes instead that keeps me full till afternoon.
I have making a lot of icecream these days to enjoy after lunch or dinner .You can check the other icecreams posted in the blog.This is one easiest and creamiest strawberry  icecream ..We love homemade icecreams and i keep trying different flavours and have shared them here too.
My Dad loves strawberry icecream and asked me to make one . You'll must be wondering  strawberries in this summer ?yeah I stock strawberry preserve which makes it handy to make desserts with this and i can enjoy strawberry any time of the year.But this time i thought of making icecream with ready made strawberry crush that I had in my fridge
This eggless strawberry ice cream is really so delicious and creamy that you can make and enjoy an time of the year and you just need very few ingredients

1 cup  whipped cream (I  used Amul whipping cream )
150 gms  condensed milk
3- 4 tbsp strawberry crush/as needed
2 tbsp icing sugar

Beat the whipping cream with the icing sugar till it hold stiff peaks
Add condensed milk ,strawberry crush and continue to beat

Mix all well with a spatula and pour it in an airtight container
Freeze for 6-8 hours
Enjoy creamy and delicious icecream with some crush ,chocolate wafers ,
amul whipped cream icecream recipe

I have used amul whipped cream this time
Keep the beaters and bowl in the fridge before you start beating it
If you are using non dairy cream add 1 cup fresh cream to the whipped cream and beat again till its mixed
If you do not have strawberry crush ,you can add strawberry essence and some pink colour.
you may increase the amount of crush and condensed milk as per your taste.

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  1. Love your ice cream recipes! This looks so tempting!!

  2. We are finally getting rain, Gloria which we badly need. It's still a bit chilly at night but days are warming up and strawberries should be available at the farm stands soon, yippee!!!

    You make such a variety of ice cream. It always surprises me how easy you make it sound. I plan on making strawberry jam again this year, we ran out in December, but I'm not sure what Strawberry Crush is? Is it a beverage?

    Your ice cream looks so inviting; sooooo creamy:) Thank you so much for sharing...

  3. Looks so tempting and love the colour combo u gave chosen for the photos

  4. Ice cream looks so colourful and tempting.Lovely treat for both kids and adults.

  5. Strawberry icecream looks delicious

  6. Strawberry crush? Sounds amazing and seeing it in this creamy splashing ice cream, simply irresistible.