Potato Chop/Mince Potato Chops/Potato Chops Recipe

Potato Chop/Potato Chops  is tasty snack/appetizer made out of mince stuffed in  mashed potato covering which is then dipped in beaten egg   then rolled in breadcrumbs and  shallow fried.. Kids love it and so do Adults. We often make potato chops on Sundays and for some special occasion.It goes without saying that Potato chops has always been a family favourite and holds a special place in our hearts.I'm sure most of my catholic friends will agree to this
Potato chops are usually made as side dish or served as snacks/appetizer .The stuffing can be altered according to your taste.There are some who don't add tomatoes .Some avoid the chillies and add the powdered masala or pepper.The stuffing can be made with any mince you prefer. We do make a veg one during Lent which taste equally good ..I will post the recipe for the same soon.
The quality of Potatoes used plays an important role.Sticky potatoes should be avoided as it will be difficult to stuff the mince an the chop won't fry well. The mashing of potatoes should be done well so that there are no lumps while kneading and stuffing. The mince mixture should not be very oily and should not contain more water ..it should be nice and dry.
how to make potato chops

You could coat the potato chops with rava/semolina if you run out of breadcrumbs. But try using breadcrumbs if you can. Do give it a try.
beef potato chops,easy potato chops


3oo gms mince (beef/Mutton/chicken)
7-8 medium sized potatoes/500 gm
3-4 small /2 large onions chopped finely
1  large tomato chopped finely
4-5 green chillies
1'' ginger chopped fine
6-7 garlic cloves chopped fine
1 tsp garam masala powder
3 tbsp coriander leaves chopped
2 tbsp oil + to shallow fry
3 tbsp ghee/dalda (optional )
salt to taste
1/2 tsp sugar(otional)
pinch of turmeric
Lime juice as needed
bread crumbs to coat
1 egg lightly beaten.


                     Chop the onions,chillies,garlic.,ginger ,tomato fine
                                        Wash the mince well and drain all the excess water.
 In a vessel heat oil add the chopped onions fry well then add ginger garlic ,green chillies,tomato and the mince fry well add salt,garam masala powder a pinch of turmeric and very little water and cook add coriander leaves.

                                 Cook till the mince has been cooked well and become dry.
Add lime juice as needed .
Check for salt add only if required

                  Boil the potatoes in either in an open pot or pressure cooker,.prick a fork and see if cook well

                         Peel off the skin while its still warm ,and mash it well  add salt and 1/2 tsp of sugar .
                                                       Knead all well like a dough
 Now take a small part like a ball and flatten with your hands keeping the middle hollow to fill the mixture
                                             Take the mixture and stuff it in
                                              Cover all the sides and form into a Pattie
                                         Dip it i the egg and roll it in the breadcrumbs
Now its well coated and ready to fry.if you wish to fry it later you can refrigerate by placing it in airtight container or covering it with a cling wrap and fry later.
                                              Shallow fry in oil /ghee till golden brown and serve .
east indian potato chops,goan potato chops

you can use mutton or chicken mince as well .
if you wish you could add 1/2 tsp red chilli powder and reduce the chillies.
make sure you get dusky old russet potatoes .
adding sugar is optional but it does enhanced the taste.
you could use a mix of breadcrumbs and rava/semolina or rava alone we prefer it with breadcrumbs always.

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  1. these potato chops are so yummy..well fried..thanx for detailed pics...

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    1. thank you so much for trying ..yes surely I will post in more cake recipes...Can I request you to please mention your name while you comment.

  10. You know what mu husband loves this ,he tasted it in his catholic friend's house..with your recipe I could win his heart...the stepwise pics helped me lot.. It was very tasty...Thank you soo much dear..god bless you.


  11. Hi how do you know the potatoes quality...because I tried it and was not able to make a dough...please help...what should I look for when buying potatoes

    1. hi.don't buy new potatoes buy the potatoes whose skin is old so it won't be sticky..the one which looks rustic works best ...also don't boil i tin the pressure cooker they tend to get very mushy or sticky at times...if you can't make a smooth ball add little cornflour and try dont add too much or the taste will change

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  12. Hi what do you mean by rustic...and old skin means...it will be yellowish or dark brown..dusty...

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    1. thanks for the feedback..if you find it sweet reduce the sugar to 1/4 tsp and increase the chilli in the mince mixture..or just dont add sugar to the potatoes just add salt ..ohh yes i completely forgot to post about the veg ones..will post soon...

  14. Ya I did to add any sugar.....but still it was sweet....

    1. maybe the potatoes were sweet..next time when you boil and mash the potatoes , taste it if you feel its sweet add little pepper powder or simply increase the chillies in the mince mixture

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