Chicken Burger Patty/Chicken Burger Patties Recipe.

how to make homemade burger patty
How do you feel when you get juicy delicious cheesy burger served which is totally homemade..You will love it right..My family loves homemade burgers they were never a fan of MacDonald or kfc..I love trying different burgers from scratch and this is one of our family favourite..The  chicken burger patty is juicy and very yummy with just few ingredients you make your own burger patties that too with just few ingredients and at a minimal cost..These  chicken burger patties can be freezed well ,so whenever you want to make a burger just take the patty out and grill/shallow fry it..
Just a month more and your kids will have their summer vacation so you can make these patties and freeze it ,it will come handy on those days or even when you want to pack it for their lunch boxes...These Chicken Burger patty are very easy to make..try them you will never buy those chicken burger patty from out..

 This post is specially for those who had requested me to post more burger recipes and tips on how to store it,so here you go with the recipe and the tips on freezing the burger patties.

500 gms Chicken Mince/Boneless chicken
1big or 2 med sized  onions
4 -5 green chillies/as per taste
8-10  black pepper
5-6 garlic cloves
1 bread slice
1 tsp lime juice
1 tbsp coriander leaves chopped


  • If you have mince skip this step ,since I didn't have mince at hand i washed the chicken pieces,drained the water completely.
  • Then put all the ingredients in the mixer and ground it till it all came together.
  • Remove the mixture in a bowl.
  • Wet your hands since the mixture is sticky.
  • Take a small portion and shape it into burger patty.
  • Once done take parchment/butter paper and cut in squares

how to make and freeze chicken burger patty,make ahead burger patty recipe

  • Place each patty on the parchment and cover with the other parchment,you will need 2 parchment/butter paper squares for each patty.

how to make and freeze chicken burger patty,how to store chicken burger patties

  • Take a zip lock pouch and place all the burger patty .
  • Freeze them and use when needed.
  • you can grill or pan fry them
  • This gives you the moist juiciest Chicken Burger...will post this soon...


  • Its very important to squeeze the water from the mince completely ,or while frying the burger patty will shrink.
  • You can add carrot,corn,capsicum any vegetable finely chopped .
  • I have not added egg since I didn't feel the need,it  binded well together and it did hold its shape.
  • You can grill or pan fry it,but do not keep it frying for a long time,the patty will turn chewy and not juicy ,chicken cooks fast so cook accordingly.
  • If you wish you can also beat a egg then dip the burger patty roll it in bread crumbs and then fry it.
  • With the above mentioned quantity you will get approx 10 -12 patties .
  • Always use chicken breast and meat from thigh/leg  pieces to make..mix both together..

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