Strawberry Ripple Icecream Recipe

strawberry ripple icecream recipe
Just 3 ingredients and you have a delicious creamy  Strawberry Ripple Ice cream ready...No Icecream maker needed..No need to churn too..I have posted Natural's  Strawberry Icecream before but that is entirely different ..Both taste equally good...Now summer is at the peak and its time for having something chilled and Icecreams in the fridge is always handy ..Since this is no fuss ice cream I love to make it every week with different flavours...Don't have strawberries no worries make it with strawberry crush ..It will taste absolutely yummm...
how to make icecream  at home

1 cup whipped cream *
200 ml fresh cream
100 -150 gm condensed milk
2 -3 tbsp strawberry crush/8-10 strawberries pureed

no churn strawberry ripple icecream recipe


  • Place the beaters,and the bowl in which you will whip the cream in fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  • In a bowl beat whipped cream to  soft yet stiff peaks
  • Add condensed milk ,fresh cream and strawberry crush and beat again
  • Pour it in a air tight container 
  • Take 1 tsp crush and spread it with the fork to give a swirl look.
  •  Freeze for 6-7 hours.

i have used strawberry crush for this recipe,the crush is sweet enough so adjust the condensed milk accordingly.
If using double cream skip fresh cream ,i have used since I used non dairy whipped cream(tropolite)You can use Amul whipped cream as well.
For swirls/ripple you can also use strawberry jam...just take 1 tbsp jam and mix it well with spoon so that it turns to a smooth paste then just add it and make swirls with knife/fork/toothpick..
I have used the crush to make swirls.

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  1. It is smooth, it is creamy and it is the sheer pleasure.

  2. Another yummy icecream... I liked the pinkish swirl just like store bought ice cream

  3. Wow...yummy ice cream Gloria. Very smooth and it !!!

  4. Tempting Ice cream. Loved it

  5. Why cream is used? Any added benefits? I made one today with whipped cream and condensed milk

    1. i have mentioned in the notes section that i use non dairy cream hence i use fresh cream make it more creamier :)

  6. This looks absolutely amazing! You're a genius, Gloria!

  7. Wow. ..A yummy treat especially for kidoz

  8. Oh my god! It looks soo divine , baskin robins can take a seat back

  9. Oh my god! It looks soo divine , baskin robins can take a seat back

  10. Strawberry ripple ice cream looks really yumm love it.