Homemade Chicken Burger/Juicy Chicken Burger Recipe

Nothing can beat fresh Juicy Homemade Burger made from scratch ..No preservatives No msg..Make Chicken Burgers whenever you feel like ..I have posted my  chicken burger patty  and also posted homemade burger buns  so here is my simple yet delicious Homemade Chicken Burger ..
Serve them with fries/chips your kids will love these juicy Burgers..

4- chicken burger patty
4- burger buns
 5-6 lettuce
4 cheeese slices
honey mustard sauce as needed


  • Slice the burger buns into 2, grill the buns if you prefer 
  • On one side apply honey mustard sauce/mayo or any sauce you fancy.
  • On the remaining half bun place the lettuce ,tomato or onion slices 
  • Keep the burger patty over it 
  • And top it with cheese slices,i normally place the cheese slice on the hot  burger patty the cheese melts so beautifully and taste so yumm
  • Add some more honey mustard/ketchup cover the bun and enjoy your homemade burger with some french fries or chips

Click the link below for the recipe 
Burger Patty
Burger Buns
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  1. Ur burger buns r looking just perfect.. Looks professionaly done. Feel like grabbing it

  2. Home made burgers are my favorite!

  3. WOW! Burger looks so delicious!

  4. So tempting and perfect...