Chicken Pesto Pasta/Pesto Pasta with Mushroom and Bell Pepper.


pesto chicken pasta recipe

Chicken Pesto pasta is my favorite pasta I love this and lasagna the most.. My homemade Pesto is such an amazing Basil pesto sauce flavourful and  taste so good.. I love how pesto enhance s the flavour when  mixed with everything. I prefer making fresh pesto everytime rather than storing it in the refrigerator. 

chicken pesto pasta with mushroom and bell pepper
 This easy to make Pesto Pasta tastes amazing you can use your favorite pasta .I have used mixed pasta here.. Added some chicken ,red bell pepper and mushrooms too. Such an amazing one pot dish which can be devoured anytime. This time I have used half almonds and pine nuts to make pesto.. Almonds have a nice creamy texture to my pasta. 

Pasta 250 grams 
Pesto sauce 1 /2 cup click here for recipe
250 grams chicken 
1 small red bell pepper
7 to 8 mushrooms
4 to 5 garlic minced 
1 tsp Mixed herbs /as needed 
1/2 cup Grated cheese 
Salt to taste 
1 tbsp Olive oil. 

  • Boil pasta till aldente, mix  2 tsp oil and keep aside 
  • Boil chicken with salt and pepper and shred to pieces. 
  • Heat a Pan /wok add oil once hot add garlic and saute for few minutes. 
  • Then add bell peppers and saute for sometime. 
  • Add in the pesto sauce, lower the flame and let it simmer for few minutes ,add in mixed herbs,pepper.
  • Add in boiled pasta, chicken and mix well. 
  • Add grated cheese 
  • Serve hot.. 

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