Chicken Steak with tossed Vegetables.

Its  December  already ..So excited 24 days to go for Christmas. The best season of the year. Time for preparing sweets putting up Christmas tree ,Shopping, Decorating home ,Making Crib But most of all preparing the heart to welcome Jesus..the real reason for the celebration.

I will be posting many Christmas sweets Koswad/Kuswar as we call it in coming few weeks.I have also put up a separate tab Christmas special which includes some cakes,sweets and some dishes which could be useful in preparing Christmas menu.

 Coming back to today's recipe this recipe was in my drafts from so many days . I had posted the pic long back on fb page but somehow I managed to put up the recipe today.

 Its a very easy to prepare this yummy goodness and healthy too since the oil used is minimal and veggies are tossed and served along .I have actually skipped the sauce which is usually served along since I wanted to keep it simple and didn't want to use any cheese to make the sauce.

Chicken Breast 1/2 kg
juice of 1 lime/as needed
salt to taste
freshly crushed pepper 1.5 tsp /as needed
oil  1tbsp
Any veggies you prefer (i used french beans,carrot,bell peppers)
2 tbsp garlic minced finely.


Wash the Chicken breast well and drain excess water.

Marinate the chicken well with salt,pepper,lime,garlic  and keep aside for 1-2 hours.

Heat the grill pan /non stick pan drizzle oil and place the chicken breast .

Cook from both sides till done.

In the same pan add the veggies and toss for a while you could add few drops of water and let  the veggies cook ,don't overcook it taste good when its tender.

Serve hot which some fries and some salad along.

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  1. Hi Gloria,
    Your chicken steak indeed sounds healthy with tossed vegetables!
    Looking forward to your Christmas sweet recipe soon.

  2. that's a meal in itself... really healthy...

  3. this is soo yummy...simple yet delish

  4. looks tempting...simple &yummy...

  5. lovely recipe..looks amazing

  6. healthy & delicious meal.....