Christmas is incomplete without marzipan & Milk Cream.The sweet platter looks full & complete with these Christmas goodies.Though making them needs lots of time & patience but the result is worth every effort put in.Marzipan is usually made with Almonds sugar & egg whites but somehow i prefer making it with cashews .We make it with Almonds as well as with cashews.I will post the ones i made with Almond later.
You can shape them the way you want there are many rubber & silicone moulds easily available in the market .Or you can roll it out on a fruit cake I have baked a fruit cake which i will be covering with marzipan and fondant.


250 gms Cashews
500 gms Sugar
2 egg whites
Rose water as needed
1 tbsp butter/ghee
1/2 tsp almond essence
food colours


Soak Cashews in hot water for 3-4 hours.

grind cashews with rose water to very smooth paste.

Beat egg white till stiff .

Mix egg whites,Sugar,Cashew paste & the essencet well in a thick heavy bottomed vessel & place it on gas a on very low flame stirring continuously.

The flame has to be low & you got to stir everytime so that the mixture doesn't stick & burn at the bottom.

Add ghee & continue stirring

When the mixture is almost ready it will leave the sides You can switch off the gas & pour the mixture on a stainless steel thali

Grease Your hands well with ghee & knead while its still warm if the mixture hardens you could add few drops of rose water & knead to a smooth pliable dough.

You can divide the dough & form balls and colour & knead well.

You can use your hands to shape them or place a small portion in the moulds & let them dry.

Store in an air tight container.

 You can store the remaining uncoloured dough wrapping it tightly in a cling wrap & refrigerating it ,You could use it to cover your cake.

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  1. my colleague has been looking for this for quite some time... i should share this with her... :)

  2. Hi Gloria, Happy New Year to you.
    Lovely marzipan, look so cute and pretty.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  3. looks lovely dear...simply all time favourite...

  4. my fav ..looks pretty

  5. Hi Gloria,
    This is a interesting recipe.
    I never make a homemade marzipan before. Always bought the ready made ones.
    Your shaped marzipan look so pretty and cute.


  6. So interesting marzipan made with cashew...I love the shape of these little treats.

  7. looks so pretty..i missed this all

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  9. Hello how is this supposed to be after cooling j mean when you eat soft or hard because you've mentioned to keep in air right container,planning to make it today for gifting purpose and should it be kept in fridge or outside and how many days can we keep it

    1. Don't keep it in the fridge ,it will stay well in a airtight container.its not hard nor very soft just like a peda

  10. Hi you know what I tried half the recipe the taste was superb but I don't know where I went wrong when I removed it from the gas it started to become hard and formed like hard small small balls in between the mixture so to break and knead that I added rose water and ghee and kneaded well still I couldn't smash all the balls,second thing I when I put in the mould it was soft and the dough also was soft,I don't know where I went wrong what to do I kept half of the mixture in the fridge thought of asking you and then doing it again please help the mixture was not coming out of the mould as it was soft and then after cooling also it was soft😭 how it will become into peda consistency...please help

    1. You have to keep the lowest and keep stirring it does turn hard if you leave it in tge same vessel .as soon as you see it's almost getting thick you remove it out in a greased thali or plate and knead it till you get a ball after rolling a small piece .
      Egg whites helps in bnidng these things and so makes the cooking process fast,you can avoid using eggs if you wish you can still make this stirring a lottme longer will not be very hard when iys cooled will b like a kaju katli...
      The colour part need not worry that's fine depend on which colour you are using
      I will try to post a fresh post with stepwise pics on this by Nov end .

  11. And one more thing by the time the colour is mixed with the mixture it cools down completely,so is that ok

  12. What is the role of egg white in this please help