Snowballs/Nankhaties ...Christmas Sweets

Snowballs popularly called as nankhaties are soft melting mouth eggless cookies topped with glazed cherries which make it look even more pretty..

It requires minimum ingredients and its very simple to make it.They stay well for many days.

400 gms Maida/All purpose flour
300 gms ghee / dalda
250 gms Castor sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2tsp salt.
chopped glazed cherries .

Cream ghee and sugar till foamy .You need to really cream it well with your hands .
Or use an electric beater and cream well for 10 to 12 minutes. 

Mix in salt and flour and vanilla extract & knead to a smooth dough and leave it overnight covered with a muslin cloth .

Form small balls and place the glazed cherries on top of every snowball.

Place the snowballs on greased baking tray at some intervals .

Bake for 18to 20 min at 180 degree Celsius.

I usually prepare the dough late midnight so i leave it covered at room temperature when its winters.
You can refrigerate the dough and bring it to room temperature before baking. 
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