Chocolate Covered Oreo

Chocolates is one thing which is hard to resist for me....I'm a Chocoholic by birth and  I just love eating Chocolates ...And My fridge is always full with Chocolates gifted my my cousins when they come down and not to mention my darling Hubby who overloads his suitcase  with chocolate when is down  ...He had recently sent some Chocolates with his friend from which There were slabs of Cadbury's Oreo...I loved the taste and enjoyed till the last bite.
I ahve seen many members posting Chocolate covered Oreos in many Facebook Groups and also found it easy to make since it was just dipping oreos in Chocolate ...There were few sites I referred too and all followed the same step...So i too gave a shot and it was ready in less than an hour...
Now making Chocolates at home is not at all difficult YOu can choose the best compound Chocolate available easily in any good store ..I  always used Selbourne or Vanleer I recently have started using 2m and i love the dark compound..You can use milk chooclate if you prefer.

Now enjoy making chocolates at home with this easy to follow recipe..This is so easy that even a kid can make it..Using silicone moulds makes it more easy to handle and gives a neat finish .YOu can make it look more attractive by lining melted white chocolate , I wanted to keep it simple though.
Use any fancy moulds if you desire you also use white chocolate ,I just find it too sweet hence avoided.
200 gms Dark Chocolate Compound
A packet of Chocolate Oreo


  • Chop the dark compound chocolate to pieces
  • Over a double boiler ,melt the chocolate
  • With a spatula mix till the chocolate is smooth
  • Keep the moulds ready in a tray/plate.

  • Pour  a tablespoon of melted chocolate in each mould 
  • Then place oreo in each mould.
  • Gently press the oreo with your finger 
  • Cover it with 1 tbsp of melted chocolate.
  • Once you are done.Tap the plate or tray in which you kept the mould so that there is no air bubble and the oreo  is well covered with chocolate .

  • Let it set for an hour in the fridge.
  • Once set gently unmould the chocolates .
  • If you feel like decorating you can add sprinkles or make design with melted white chocolate.
  • Store it in air tight container 

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