Eggless Mango Cheesecake Recipe using Paneer

I have already posted a Mango Mango Cheesecake before which is one of the most popular post of all times  in my space.There were many doubts and queries asking what if we dont get Philidephia Cream cheese can we use kraft cheese or brittania cheese so on and so forth so finally i decided to make a similar cake using Paneer/Cottage Cheese.We enjoyed this in May when it was raining alphonso mangoes at my place I thought i would post this next summer but then i was asked by few members to post.You can use canned/tinned Mango pulp too.

This Mango Cheesecake taste as good as the one made with philladephia cream cheese ,here  I have used mango sponge cake as the base and it tasted really great.You can also use vanilla sponge cake if you fin theres too much of mango been used but it did taste great..

1 1/2 cup Mango pulp
250 -300 gms paneer
1 tin condensed milk
200 ml  fresh cream
3/4 cup hung curd

For the Mango Glaze
1/2 cup pulp
1/2 cup hot water
1 .5 tsp gelatin

  • Blend together ,paneer ,curd cheese/hung curd,fresh cream and condensed milk  and Mango pulp till all is well combined
  • mix 2 tbsp gelatin in 3tbsp water till it dissolves then mix it in the cream and paneer mixture
  • Blend together and pour over the sponge cake
  • Let it set for 2-4 hours or till set.
  • Once set pour over the mango glaze and refrigerate till set

Note :
I have used the basic sponge cake recipe just added milk powder and condensed milk instead of eggs and mango puree for the mango flavour.
You could also use a vanilla sponge or a biscuit base as used in my Mango Cheesecake Recipe 
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  1. The Cheesecake looks supremely delicious. Indeed a great idea to replace the cream with paneer. If the result is this mouthwatering good paneer can now be used instead of cream now more often in cheesecakes. Loved it.

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